Spells to become a witch

Become a witch, invocations

If you want to become a Wiccan witch you’ll have to start learning about witchcraft and study different spells and the rituals of Wicca. There is an abundance of information and resources online about witchcraft, spells, and Wicca in addition to forums where witches share information.

The most important step to becoming a witch with psychic powers and a knack for successful spells is to have a good intuition. Everyone has a certain amount of god given intuition and for witches especially that ability to trust ones gut instincts is imperative. If you want to nurture your psychic abilities or become a witch it can help to create a ritual for it.

Create your first altar

For your first foray into being a witch you’ll want to create your first altar. Witches always create a special place to cast their spells and do their witchcraft. An altar is important for witchcraft. An altar can consist of a special area that you designate. It is often a table or other surface. The altar is decorated with special items of meaning. Some of the items you can gather include candles, fabric and cloth, flowers, and special statues, jewelry, boxes or other items with important spiritual meaning to you.

Use incense and candles or herbs for aroma

Beautiful aromas and herbs are essential for witches. These scents have different purposes and meanings. All witches are familiar with herbs and scents as different ones have unique properties and charms assiciated with them. Candles, scents and herbs are a central part of a witches practices. Use colored candles for your first spell. Sprinkle fresh smelling herbs that your combine in unique ways to create a beautiful aroma.

Use beautiful colored candles but be forewarned to always practice safely and be meticulous when using candles to put them out properly and keep them safe while burning. Avoid all fire hazards and flammable situations. With jar candles the wax can melt and when the wick gets too low the fluid can burn badly. Try a glass platter under candles and keep the hot drippings far away from fabrics that could catch fire. Never leave anything burning when you aren’t there to watch over it.

For a spell to become a witch you can combine herbs such as cedar, basil, cinnamon and sage and bring to a boil in water. Then drain the herbs, let dry and sprinkle upon the altar you have created. Next you’ll want to recite an incantation to become a witch. There are many incantations available on the Internet or in Wiccan shadow of spell books. You can use a well known spell or modify the spell slightly to your own variation. Creating your own unique version of spells is wonderful because then your book of shadows will be 100% unique and original.

Create a beautiful spell book as your own book of shadows

Make sure to pen the spell and keep in a book that will be your own book of shadows. Your spell book should be similar to a keepsake album where you record and keep all of your spells and the details of your rituals. This will document your spells on the path to becoming an experienced witch with her own spell book.

Use an invocation chant you can find a spell or create your own

If you search on google there are plenty of beautiful incantations for becoming a witch. You can find one to use, check books on Wicca spells or create your own variation of a spell to become a witch. Here is one invocation example:

Air, Fire, Water, Earth…
Elements of the astral birth,
I call you now, attend to me.
In the circle rightly cast,
Safe from psychic curse or blast,
I call you now attend to me.
From cave and desert, sea and hill…
By wand, blade, cup and pentacle…
I call you now attend to me.
This is my will so mote it be.

and another invocation spell for becoming a witch

Open the door to my inner life.
Reveal past, present and future to me.
Open the door to my inner life,
That my way and path may be free.
Send me your cosmic fire
To light my pathway and be clear.
Give me a sign that is not of mine
To show that your presence is here.
Open my inner self to my heart and soul…
That there may be a clear path and told,
To set my heart and soul free.
This is my will so mote it be

Become a witch

If you have created a special altar, gathered candles herbs and spices and created unique aromas, and created a beautiful book of shadow to store your penned spells, you are well on your way to becoming a real witch. Just going through this ritualistic process is part of what being a witch it all about. To make it official set up your altar and sprinkle with the fresh herbs. Recite your incantation several times and do so starting one week before the full moon. Repeat the spell process each night until the last one, the night of the full moon. Congratulations on creating and casting your first spell and becoming a witch!

Spells to become a witch

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