Spell to bring back your lover


Do you want to get your love back? The first thing to know about Wicca belief is that you cannot try to control the mind of another person. That would be interfering with their free will. No matter how much you want to do mind control you should avoid it. The best way to get him back is to focus on you. Be the person you want to be and cast a spell to magnetically attract people to yourself.

With candle magic you can simply burn a candle and chant a simple magic love spell, or get more elaborate with rituals and your Wiccan altar. To get back your lost love the spell you can cast is actually rather simple. For this spell all you really need is a simple white candle. A natural candle such as soy or beeswax is a delicate touch but even a plain white candle will do.

You are going to cleanse your candle by wiping it clean with a wipe or rinsing it in clear water and letting it dry one hundred percent. You can also anoint it gently with an aroma or oil that you love the smell of. Take a fresh saucer or small candle plate and set the candle on there. If you want to carve the initials of your lost love in the candle you can do so.

Spell Ingredients

  • white candle
  • aroma
  • Saucer or candle holder

Casting the spell to bring your lover back

To cast the spell to bring your lover back remember that you have to clear the area around you and be serene in a relaxed place in your home or perhaps a garden. Visualize the outcome you want from your spell. Visualize the person you want to be and focus on becoming that person. Who would you be that would attract your lover back? Think back to the reasons your lover first fell in love with you. Focus on how you were when you first started the romance.

Once you put all your energy into creating the vibes in yourself that will attract your lover back to you, you can cast the love spell. There are variants of the love poetry and you can even adapt the spell to yourself as needed. Remember not to beg or plead or exude desperation. Rather focus on your own positive energy and becoming a positive attraction force. Chant the poetry below as you hold the candle in your hands with palms facing upwards. Focus on positive energy and relax until the candle has burned down substantially or all the way.

True love will be attracted to me
As positive energy I now be
Oh power of the universe
attract him back to me
This is my will
so mote it be
Bring back the love that I used to know
Upon his return our true love will grow
Attract him back to my open arms
Let him find his way back and stay
Someday he will be mine again
Oh power of the universe
I shall receive his love
so mote it be

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