Spell to banish people who hate you


Have you ever had an ex-boyfriend, ex-best-friend, or family member such as a sister or brother hate you guts?  It’s always best to work out your differences and keep the peace between family members.  However sometimes, things get out of control and the family member turns on you.  Whether they are writing you hundreds of emails as to how much they hate your guts and assassinating your character, or literally taking you to court, hatred will just drain out all of your positive energies. No matter how much you try to be nice to them or just ignore the hate mail, they won’t stop. 

It’s time to take back control of the situation and stop this person from harming you whether its verbal abuse, physical abuse, or legal abuse.  You can’t stop them from lying to you, mocking you, attacking you, and especially turning other friends of family members against you.  Slander is hurtful but if you wish this person ill-will then that karma will come back to you three-fold.  Therefore, it does no good to cast an evil or hatred-based revenge spell on them.  Instead, you can try this freeze-out spell that simply attempts to banish them from your life.

Of course you could just stop talking to them, cease communications, block their phone number or put their email to spam.  But this type of ignoring does not always work as their insults, verbal attacks and criticisms still sting no matter how much you promise yourself to ignore them.  When you are in this situation it’s time for this little spell.  This spell does not wish them evil so it is totally harmless to you.  On the other hand, it will help freeze their insults out and is more effective than simply ignoring them.

Spell Ingredients

  • Sharp pen
  • Vodka
  • Freezer
  • Parchment paper
  • Ziploc bag

Spell to banish a hater

Now to banish the hatred from yourself you are ging to write this persons name in permanent marker on a piece of parchment paper. Make sure the marker is thin, and pointy. Write their name solidly and boldly with sharp edges to the letter. Then, you are going to roll the paper up into a tiny little tube resembling an icicle. Next, soak the paper in the alcohol. And finally, place the icicle paper in a ziploc baggies into your freezer.

Allow the paper to freeze over the course of an entire month. It becomes a frozen icicle that can do you no harm. If, after the month has ended, this person has calmed down and stopped their attack, you could consider lifting the freeze and remove the paper icicle and throw it out. If however they have not stopped, simply leave the paper in your freezer. This freeze out is very effective and it brings to ill-will to the other party so it is a safe spell to cast. It also gives the individual the benefit of the doubt so if they leave you alone and stop disrupting your life there is room to make amends with them every month.

Often the most important thing you need to realize in freeing yourself from verbal attacks on your character, is to realize that this person is truly abusing you. This banish spell helps you do that because it helps you acknowledge that this person is truly hurting you. One must protect themself from verbal assaults as they can age you, damage you, and drain you of your happiness. This spell if effective because you are taking control of your situation without explicitly engaging with this person or wishing them harm. It is a spell that simply helps them to leave you alone.

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