Spell for lifting depression


Depression is always a beauty destroyer. This little spell is meant to help lift a depression that has set in over you. The spell makes use of Angelica Root.  Angelica  is a well known root known to be a guardian and healer.

Angelica root provides strength to women and can assist in warding off evil and bringing good luck and health in family, love and personal matters.

Spell Ingredients

  • white flannel bag
  • angelica root
  • sage oil
  • rosemary sprig
  • good luck charm
  • lavender petals

The key to this spell is to create a protection mojo bag which is meant to help you break a jinx. What you will need for the bag is a break-off of angelica root and a rosemary sprig. These should be gently anointed with sage oil. The anointed root and the sprig should be placed in the white flannel satchel along with a small good luck charm and lavender petals. The charm can be a small trinket a loved one give to you, or cherished ring, jewelry, memento or coin.

Place the objects in the pouch as you visualize your depression lifting away, the jinx that you feel on you dissipating, and serenity returning. Carry the satchel with you to continue the spells power. As you prepare the satchel repeat the following spell gently.
Do not let my heart be troubled
Care for others for happiness doubled
Ebb and flow let depression go far away
Goddess pure fill my heart, mind, soul
Jinx be gone let peace come home
A new happiness will be my own
Peaceful, strong, serene wind-blown
Depression lifted, as calm be gifted
So mote it be.

Spell for lifting depression

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