Soul mate

Do you believe in the magic of soul mates?  Romantic folklore says that when a soul descends to earth it splits into two parts.  One half of the soul inhabits one person and the other half another person.  For ever after these two people are destined to be soul mates and their romantic love lives will never be completed until they meet one another.  Finding your soul mate is magical because you feel like you meet and connect on all levels including mind, heart and body.  When women talk of their soul mates they comment that upon just meeting them, they feel like they have already known this person for years.

A soul mate is typically defined as a person with whom you share a deep love, intimacy, spirtuality, similarity, affinity, sexuality or compatability.  Not every one who uses the term soul mate believes that it carries a mystical magic connotation, but many do.  They believe that ones ultimate soulmate in life is magical.   Your soul mate is the one person in life who you feel completes you.  Often times, this is expected to be your spouse, though it can be a person who you do not marry but merely have an intense or spiritual relationship with.  If you believe in incarnation, you would maintain this connection with your soul mate over many lifetimes and incarnations.

Many women feel a true magic feeling when they meet their soul mate.  This is often a person with whom you feel an immediate strong connection from the moment you meet them.  You are drawn to them in an inexplicable and magical way that you never experienced prior.  Your soul mate can bring to you a sense of peace, calmness and happiness that noone else can and you can connect with them on all levels.  When you are not around your soul mate, you feel a real emptiness and miss them.  Life is not the same or as wonderful without them with you.  As your connection to your soul mate develops you experience a deeper bond and love than you have before with anyone else.

If you want to increase your chances of finding your soul mate, there are many things you can do.  First, look your very best and take care of your self.  While your soul mate will relate to your internal beauty, the first step in attracting them does matter, and you will want them to physically notice you no matter what.  Once you meet this person and they are immediately attracted, you need to be sure that all prior self issues are in order and that you are open to and ready for a new genuine love.  They say that hanging on to old relationships can make it hard to be open to new ones.  Some people move easilty forward from one relationship to another.  Others have a harder time moving forward.  If you are the type of person who dwells, it may help to be single and cleansed of past relationships for a period of time. 

Take time when single to improve upon your beauty, health and mental well being.  That way, when you meet this person you will look and feel your best and be open to a new relationship with them.

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