Sexy witch shoes

Are you wondering what footwear will complete your witch outfit?  The typical witch shoes are rather costume like.  You might think of the frumpy black square toed pumps with the cross over buckle and bright striped socks circa the wicked witch of the west.  It’s too costumy and a real witch will wear something pointy-toed but at the same time sexy.

Try wearing the pointy toed classic black pumps.  What better way to cast spells than wearing four inch stiletto heals.  For an alluring feminine twist try incorporating a part ballet look into your witch apparal.  Think ballet shoes. Ribbon tie around or high heeled lace up boots are the ultimate sexy goddess apparel.  Don’t be afraid to go for a heel and a less chunky shoe.  Ballet inspired lace ups, feminine heels and sexy boots are the shoes of choice for a goddess.  Try pairing over a pair of transparent white tights to make a statement.  A feminine witch, good or bad, is hot!

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