Sexy goddess will romanticize her style with a fine unique parasol or other beautifully crafted accessory

If you can’t carry your witch broom stick down the street in broad day light, consider carrying a beautiful inspiring parasol instead.

Classic umbrellas have a reputation for professionalism, practicality, class and polish.  No matter what your lifestyle, a classic umbrella will keep you dry and cozy when a rainstorm comes up.  But umbrellas are also a very cool accessory.  If you really want to embrace romance and look like a goddess, try a beautiful feminine parasol.   A white parasol can further romanticize the most romantic day of your life which would of course be your wedding.  But a black parasol can be an alluring accessory for that party, full moon, charity event or spell casting ritual or ceremony.  It would be a great thing to wear out on a date for example, if you met someone like you on a pagan dating site.

While you usually think of the traditional image of an umbrella its boring but a beautiful antique parasol can be extremely goddess like.  An umbrella girl can even be a sexy woman who provides shade to racers at motor sport events.  Parasols are so popular for weddings but they are a great accessory to a witch.  You can’t exactly walk down the street with a broom stick but a parasol, oh yes.  Witches often embrace fair skin and to remain a fair maiden you’ll want to keep your face and skin away from the harmful rays of the sun.  What better way to shade your pale skin is there.

For a goddess witch look, search for a special parasol that is antique, jeweled, black and with accents such as a unique handle, lace accents or ruffles.  Paired with witches boots you’ll look supernatural with a beautiful rain or shade accessory.  If you want to enhance your beauty, think of a goddess look as that which goes above and beyond the usual and the normal.  Whether its your boots, a sexy outfit, purses, jewelry, parasol or handbag that stands out, these little added touches to your outfit are what adds mystery and intrigue to your look. 

The key is to be unique, individual and different than every one else.  A goddess is a woman that makes others swivel their heads and look at her with interest.  Wow, who is she?  To inspire the goddess within, don’t be afraid to embrace your playful imaginative side.  Whether its a lace parasol or some other unique  item you uncover from the old days, you’ll be expressing your imagination, uniqueness and inner beauty.  There is no crime in allowing your inner goddess shine through to your outer beauty as well.

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