Sexiness spell


I’m sure you might have wished that there was a spell to attain love.  Ever wondered if there was a Make me Sexy spell?  There are!  The idea is to attract a new love into your life.  Also, you can make yourself more visible and desirable to men which will attract them to you.  Of course it is what is on the inside that counts however people see you first.  You can exude a look that reflects your deeper emotions and that allows your inner beauty to shine through.

If you feel like you are wasting your life, just dying on the vine waiting for love and passion to take hold, you need to take control of the situation.  Make yourself stand out a little more and let your inner desires shine through to your external appearance.  This picture of a beautiful girl with a Halloween and Gothic inspired hairstyle is a great example.  She lets her vibrant personality shine through with the vibrant ombre highlights.  The adorable bands along with the vamp lipstick reflect her adventurous personality.  She is no wallflower and men will undoubtedly be drawn to her like a magnet. 

If you are waiting for love to hit you over the head wait no longer!  Take control of your situation and work on your appearance so that it reflects the best parts of you whether its adventure, spontaneity, sexiness, or a fun sense of style.  Explore your personality with adventurous clothes, hairstyle, makeup and accessories.  Pretty soon you will be rewarded with a fun and passion filled new relationship!


  • Red Candle
  • Matches
  • Candle plate
  • Sharp carving tool

Make me sexy spell

To cast this spell you will need a deep red candle and a carving tool. First you will carve your name into the candle. Then, light candle. As you chant the spell below, drip candle wax droplets into the shape of a heart on a fire-safe candle plate. Then, set candle in the middle and let burn down, while meditating and visualizing your most sexy self shining through. Make sure to live day-to-day showing your sexy and feminine side. Try different hair, makeup and outfits to maximize your beauty and work on your style so that it reflects your inner personality and lets it shine through visually.

Red candle burning bright
Passion and love in my sight
Fire, fire bring your heat
and make me sexy as your feat
Bring me passion, bring me love
Let passion flow in me, through me, around me.
Let love fill me and inspire me within and without.
Bring me lust and love each day, as I live, breath
and inspire to exude what I say.
Let this candle completely burn, as I will and ever
yearn. Make me sexy I ask of thee, grant this spell
each day I breathe. So mote it be.

Make me sexy

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