Seduction meaning

Do you wish to be more enchancing and seductive as a goddess? Seduction is the action of seducing someone.  A seductive Wiccan goddess is a tempting, attractive woman.  She naturally lures, attracts and entices men to her.  Sexually speaking, seduction is a means of seducing a man via enticement and temptation. 

Charm a man

The witch can seduce a man using beauty and seduction spells.  This creates attraction by way of witchcraft.  Attraction spells are designed to open the goddess up to recieving a mans attention.  Casting attraction spells can be effective yet they fundamentally focus on priming oneself to recieve love.  Love and attraction spells aren’t as effective when it comes to entrancing a particular man.  This is because you can control yourself and what you allow in your life much easier than you can control someone else. 

There really is no foolproof love spell or Love Potion #9 that you can give a man to make him magically fall in love with you overnight as if in a trance.  You have a higher likelihood of getting your man by making yourself ready to attract him to you.  First and foremost, a man wants to be drawn to a goddess who is enjoyable to be around.  Therefore, rather than create an attraction spell, you might want to consider a spell to remove negativity.  If you remove negativity your personality will be more positive and therefore more attractive to men.

While seduction and love spells can work their magic to bring love to your doorstep, there are also several non-magic methods of creating attraction.  Here are a few spell-free tricks to become more seductive.

Seduce a guy in five simple steps without casting a love spell

The first step is to stay positive whenever talking to attractive men.  Stay upbeat and focus on the positives that you have in your life.  Don’t act insecure or like this handsome hunk is out of your league.  Instead, focus on similarities and interests that you have in common.  Men are attracted to women who are positive and outgoing.  Get out and do things you enjoy as this increases the likelihood that an attractive man will randomly cross your path. If you are having trouble running across eligible men in every day life try online dating, or joing dating sites and forums geared towards pagans.

Secondly, If you are just meeting you’ll want to be friendly and smiling.  Don’t use improper language or harsh behaviors.  Keep your feminine charm and embrace your body language so that he knows that you are interested in talking to him.  Don’t look away or act distracted or bored.  Even a simple “It’s nice to meet you” can give a man encouragement to strike up a conversation and try to get to know you.  The most important thing is that if he is attracted enough to make a move and strike up a conversation with you, then you have to be friendly enough to make him feel comfortable doing so.  It should feel effortless.

The third step is to be interested in him, and listen closely,  Do not lead a man into sensitive or explosive topics such as politics or past relationships.  Men like to talk about themselves and don’t always get feminine attention.  Give a feminine ear by being a good listener and by being genuinely interested in what he has to say.  Focus on friendly topics instead of hot ones that can make him tempermental.  Focus on the positive and treat him a bit like a big baby or friendly dog.

The fourth step is to be happy in his presence.  If you smile at what he has to say and find him humorous he will love that.  A bubbly friendly woman will make him feel happy by proxy.  Use physical touch as well, which means you could smile, touch him on the shoulder, hug him and be open to physical contact.  If you are confident enough to walk up and give a man a friendly hug he would be very attracted to that.

Try some sexy hair, makeup and fashion

The fifth step is to not only embrace your inner goddess but to let that shine through to your physical exterior appearance.  Try a small amount of natural makeup such as concealer, foundation, mascara and a hint of blush.  This will liven up your face.  Then, wear attractive, feminine clothes.  They needn’t be revealing however they should be fresh and pretty.  A sundress, skinny jeans or a sexy pair of heels should do it. 

If you wear attractive clothing and take the time to do a bit of makeup it shows that you are self confident and that you care about your looks.  Men are attracted to not just confident women, but attractive women as well.  Spend some time perfecting your makeup and fashion, even if you are purely natural.  Men gravitate towards women that are in good shape and that care about how they look.  If you really want to seduce him, you must make the most of your personality and your physical appearance as well.


  • redvengeance
    August 24, 2012 - 12:30 am | Permalink

    Lame. People want to do magick, not get a lesson in health and beauty…

    • admin
      September 26, 2012 - 5:03 pm | Permalink

      lol! ok red, more spells coming for you … health and beauty however? best magick ever. Take care of your body, look your best, feel your best. Natural health and beauty plus taking care of emotional well being is hands down the best all natural spell ever!

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