Quit a bad habit spell


Do you have a very bad habit that you just can’t quit?  Is the habit over-eating, smoking, cracking your knuckles, twisting your hair or using inappropriate language?  Getting rid of a bad habit is not pure magic.  This is something you are going to have to commit to and keep up with on a daily basis.


  • black candle
  • red candle
  • mortar and pestle
  • cinnamon
  • metal pot or caldron
  • ginger
  • chili powder
  • tobacco
  • charcoal
  • sage stick and matches

Quit a bad habit spell

This spell involves lighting a piece of charcoal so plan to execute this spell on a barbecue grill to make sure you are completely fire safe.

Now to start your spell, you are going to cast a circle around you and your barbecue area with the sage stick, light the stick and travel in a circle, winding up in the area that you have covered. Light the black candle to represent the bad habit you wish to stop and the color and power to send it away for good. Light the red candle to represent the stop sign and the strength to put the habit order and out of your life.

Next grind up the cinnamon, ginger, chili powder with a mortar. Then put a drop of tobacco into the mixture. In a separate fire safe pot or cauldron, or preferably, on a barbecue grill, light one piece of charcoal. As the charcoal burns, slowly sprinkle in your mixture of herbs and spices over it/the grill. Be extremely careful not to get any flame near your hair or body, and make sure you have a sturdy pot or outdoor barbecue to perform this.

As the charcoal and candles burn, you are going to recite the following spell every few minutes, while you concentrate on what it is going to take to stop the bad happen. First of all picture the habit and how it is hurting your life. Second of all picture yourself happier and healthier with out it. Third of all, picture yourself falling off the wagon and picking up the habit, yet having the power to once again, banish the bad happen. Finally, love yourself for having the willpower and strength to get rid of this habit and make your emotional and physical life healthier.

Because this spell involves lighting a charcoal, it is safest to perform outside, you can do the spell using a barbecue, or anywhere safe inside or near to where you have a barbecue area.

Burn addiction burn
You have no control over me
Never will I see you again
Should you rear your head I will forgive
And nevertheless, this habit can’t live
Be gone bad habit, never to return
My devotion you did not earn.
Cleanse the air with sage
Kick the habit with rage
Be gone, be burned
red willpower ban
black habit away
never to return
gone to stay
So mote it be.


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