Psychic release spell


Hindu metaphysical tradition and other belief systems define Chakras as known as points in the human body such as major plexus of arteries, veins and nerves, that are centres of life force or vital energy.

What is psychic attachment?

Psychic attachments represent energetic attachments that can form between two people. These attachments often extend from the Chakra of one person to the corresponding chakra of the other.

Psychics, Wiccans and certain individuals can develop psychic attachment with for example a loved one or even a deceased partner either consciously or unconsciously. The attachment can stem from a belief that their wholeness is dependent on the another. The beliefs that create these attachments stem from deep emotional patterns, as a result of witchcraft spells, or even because of unfulfilled needs.

A psychic attachment can bring a witch great joy if this attachment is to a loved one. In this case the attachment is positive. However, if the attachment relates to a trauma or loss, it can produce emotional and spiritual pain for the witch. Energy can be sapped or physical problems seem when a psychic attachment is related to a health compromised or emotionally despairing person.

A psychic or witch with a negative attachment will notice their energy is completely drained by this relationship. Psychic attachments can occur between children and parents, spouses, sexual partners, or siblings. Psychic attachments may even carry over from another lifetime. In these cases, karmic partners activate the attachment in the present as they seek to continue or resolve their past relationships.

A psychic release spell

A psychic release spell can be used to help break a negative psychic attachment and release the witch from this emotional bondage. Because the attachment can be complex, the witch should use a journal to detail the relationship. This can help uncover any unresolved emotions. The dynamic may be continuing because of conscious or unconscious belief, or active and reactive behavior only serves to enable the negative attachment to continue.


  • Small Journal
  • Fireplace or bonfire
  • Pen
  • White candle

Psychic release spell

The witch should first document the negative attachment in a small journal. For a period of 7 days the witch should write down every day what the psychic attachment is and what the history is that caused such a negative attachment. The attachment could be to anyone from a deceased parent to a past lover with whom the relation soured. A book mark should be placed behind every page as it is written which describes the situation.

Once the matter is down on paper the witch should start a new section that remains forever behind the bookmark. To mark the new section she should draw a pentagram on the new page. Draw the pentagram in black and burn a white candle. Gently drip white wax along the lines of the pentagram to represent the beginning of a bright, light, future.

Never place the bookmark into this new section past the pentagram page. The new section past the pentagram should describe the witches new life strategies. This will be done over another 7 days and include positive ways to handle the relationship or put it in the past for good. It will also include any goals or work to be done to emotionally heal. This section should be positive, and focus on cure through communication and concrete actions.

The spell to release the negative psychic attachment

Now the witch will perform the spell ritual. This will involve ripping out and burning each page of the journal one by one, all the way up until the pentagram page. Only the positive steps section should past the pentagram should remain in the journal once this process is over. The page burning represents the release of the negative attachment.

Each page being burned represents the dissolution of any negative energies. It does not necessarily end the relationship unless that is what is desired, but it does free the witch to experience growth and evolve away from the negative attachment. She can recite the following spell while burning the negative pages in fire.

Do not attempt this spell unless you are an adult.  Be sure to only burn the pages in a safe environment because of course you don’t want to start a an accidental fire performing spells.  Make sure the page goes into a very safe fireplace or bonfire. With all spells involving fire exercise extreme caution and always be aware of safety.  Wait until page is completely ash before burning the next page to avoid excess flames.  Save the remaining journal with the pentagram being the first page of this journal now, as the other pages that describe the negativity have now been dissolved and banished.

Psychic release

Goddess dissolve the attachment that here i describe
and grant me the freedom to experience myself as a whole.
Unchain these bonds that constrain me and disturb me.
Allow me to grow and evolve
and undergo elegant transformation.
As I honor myself, and unburden my body dissolving these pages,
Great lady and powerful lord free my heart,
Bright white pentagram dispel the dark.

Psychic release of negative attachment

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