Psychic reading

A psychic reading is a specific attempt by a genuinely gifted psychic to discern information with clairvoyance and make resulting statements to their client during such an attempt.   Usually, a psychic will charge a fee for such a consultation whether the reading is to be given in person, over the phone, using written letters, web-cam or skype, or at other venues such as psychic fairs.

As there is no way to really prove that a psychic is genuinely gifted, clients will often choose a psychic to use for their reading based on word of mouth or positive recommendations.  Some witch’s believe in psychic readings however the readings are also the focus of much skepticism.

Types of psychic reading

There are many different types of readings that psychics practice.  An astrology reading makes use of the sun, moon, planets and fixed stars.  Aura readings involve the sensing of a person’s aura.  An aura is a field of very subtle luminous radiation that psychics believe surrounds every person and can be perceived.   Tarot readings are a form of fortune-telling in which psychics use a deck of cards.  Numerology uses the meanings of numbers and letters such as birth date, and names to gain insight into how they might influence a persons life.  Palm reading involves characterizing the wrinkles and curves on the palm and the shape of the hands and gleaning information based on that.

Psychics and Wicca as entertainment

Psychics are notoriously used for very shallow entertainment purposes.  For example, you go to a fair and pay for a quick psychic reading just to have some fun.  Using psychics for entertainment purposes is not necessarily bad.  Even if for entertainment, the action of seeking a psychic reading signifies that a person is wanting to understand their life, make sense of something happening, get clarity on what they want to happen, and perhaps even make spiritual progress.

Like with psychic readings, some Wiccan traditions are used for entertainment purposes.  Serious Wiccans obviously don’t do this however some people who are interested in Wicca pick up on little tidbits and make what they want out of the traditions they like.  Some of the rituals, spiritual traditions, superstitions and beliefs are interesting and people will take what they feel is useful. 

For example, someone looking for love might look up a Wiccan love spell and cast it hoping that it will work for them.  Or they might get a psychic reading to try and make sense of a failing relationship so they can plot a course of change.  Because the underlying tenets of Wicca are love and respect for nature and spiritual forces, you really can’t go wrong with this.  If you didn’t know this, Wicca is the fastest growing religion!  You’d be surprised that more and more people find themselves interested in Wicca. 

It may start out as a mere interest in casting spells, however as one learns more about Wiccan beliefs they might decide to become a Wiccan.  Wiccans believe in worshipping a goddess, reincarnation, karma, celebrations, and the honor and respect for all things including people and nature.  Wiccans love animals, plants and the environment.

What Wicca has in common with psychics is that Wiccans employ techniques to make use of the conscious and unconscious minds to achieve ones goals.  For a Wiccan goddess, this involves harnessing their own psychic abilities and the divine, much in the same way that psychics do.

Should you get a psychic reading?

While many seek out psychic readings and witchcraft just for fun, or get into Wicca as a fad because of shows like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire slayer, a certain portion of those people go on to embrace Wicca seriously.  That’s why the number of Wiccans continue to grow.  It’s a fun religion at the outset yet the basic tenets and beliefs make people stay with it and take Wicca seriously.

Getting a psychic reading is usually harmless and fun.  If you are considering a reading, or contemplate casting a Wiccan spell to make a wish come true, you obviously seek deeper understanding of the changes you need to make in order to direct a positive outcome out of your situation.  The beauty of getting a reading is that it is fun and can be uplifting and empowering.  A psychic reading can make you feel like you have more control, options, insight and peace of mind.

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