Protection Spells charms, pentacles and amulets for protection from malign forces

There are a variety of ways that a goddess can protect herself from evil forces.   One way to cast a protection spell is if the spell if cast from within a ritual circle.   This is a protective circle formed by people joining hands for example, or by marking the circular area with objects.  You can cast a spell working within a circle and banish evil forces from getting close to you.

But what about if you are not stationary within a circle but moving around in every day life.   There are protection charms, protection spells and talismans for this purpose.  You can apply spells to ward off evil.  You can banish and dispell malign forces that are of a physical nature, ward of psychic attacks and protect yourself from spells that others might have cast against you.  Another type of spell are those that are meant to protect against disorders, illness and disease. 

The simplest form of protection is wearing or carrying a classic pentacle such as a necklace or charm.  This can be carried with you whereever you go.  If you want added protection from a spell you’ve cast, you can annoint the charm or amulet with essential or candle oil that was used when the spell was cast.  Then carry the annointed charm with you.  Don’t worry if you aren’t a witch the same principes are at work with the wearing of good luck charms or protective jewels and amulets.  Such charms are meant to protect onseself from harm and keep them safe.

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