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Are you single and  using the online dating sites to make new friendships or luck into a budding romance?  The Pagan community is alive and well with a number of online match making services for witches.  Everything from finding your soul mate questionnaires to making friends is available with these online dating services.  Many wiccans join as the pagan sites are aimed at helping all people of a pagen faith find a partner regardless of sexual orientation.

Most of these matchmaking sites are free until you really want to meet someone and then of course they may want the standard 19.99 monthly fee.  Are they a rip-off?  No more than the other sites online.  If you want to meet a fellow pagan then obviously a pagan dating site narrows down the search, much in the same way that E-harmony caters to Christian members and JDate caters to Jewish daters.  There is crossover of religion and interests on all of the dating sites but they do in general try to match like minded people together.

The dating sites, pagan or not, always have mixed reviews.  Whether they work is debatable yet it never hurts to have a few lines cast out there if you are a single witch looking for a partner.  You can cast as many love spells as you like however if you never leave the confines of your home witchcraft alone may not get you to love you deserve.  Cast that love spell but at the same time get physically out of the house and about and consider establishing an online presence in the dating world if you are a single witch.  More than ever witches are using the Internet for matchmaking and there is no doubt that it opens up the door for you to come across witches you otherwise would not meet in the normal course of your day to day life.

My best friend,  who has been a devoted Wiccan witch for years, mentioned that she had perused online dating and some of the wiccan chat forums.  She was disappointed however, that many of the witches she was chatting with she discovered to be quite homely once pictures were being exchanged.  She’s explained how many witches go Au natural and shun makeup and superficiality.  She’s different though.  She wears makeup, dyes her hair, has gorgeous tattoos and is a super hot witch!  My advice for using the dating sites is to be sure to post attractive pictures of yourself.  Let your inner beauty shine through and do pay attention to your physical presence as this does weigh in when you go online and post photographs.  You needn’t be so strict on the whole beauty is all within theory because in reality people do look at the pictures and you can’t deny that.  Don’t contribute to that old wives tale that witches are all ugly.  So not true and I know a gorgeous witch to tell about it.  Let your inner beauty shing through!

In addition to sites devoted to dating, there are plenty of wiccan interest sites online offering chat for spells, socializing, and shopping for wiccan supplies.  These sites are also a great avenue for meeting people.  Even facebook has a big wiccan community with many pages of interest.  Surfing the pagan and wiccan community sites is totally harmless and a great way to come across like minded individuals.  Just be careful when it comes to meeting individuals whom you met online.  As with any dating site, meet in a public crowded place not in the dark of night or out of the way location.  If you are perusing sites for the occult community use the same security standards that you would anywhere and always be safe.  There are witchcraft shops, bookstores, and other public venues such as eclectic coffee shops that are safe places to meet.  Never get tempted to send or exchange inappropriate photographs when communicating through online.  Witches can be quite cunning and even manipulative so don’t be tricked into a trance of exposing more information than you should to strangers on line.

There are 100% free dating sites such as Plenty of Fish that can offer singles in general that live in your area. If you type in your interests such as pagans, occult, witchcraft wiccans and so forth into your profile, you can isolate the search down to fellow witches on one of those public sites.  The good thing about these type of sites are that it is free.   The bad thing is that they are rife with people seeking meaningless fly by night encounters.  On a public or free dating site you’ll want to be discreet about your witchcraft rituals and interests.  Disclose that you are a wiccan for example, but don’t go into personal details about what you do.  Remember, you’ll be getting profile views by the general public and don’t want to be harassed with useless messages from clueless haters.  Keep it low key.

One never knows if your love spell will bring you a man or woman, getting out with friends will, or utilizing an online dating site will be the place you meet your soulmate.  Not all things are achieved by luck or able to be solved by a spell, some require hard work and effort.  It never hurts to increase your chances by being open to both love spells and the more conventional ways of meeting a soul-mate on line and through friends.  Looking your best helps too.  If you want to empower any love spell that you cast, try multiple methods and venus for stumbling across the one and give your love spells a boost by becoming more attractive inside and out.


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    Celtic Pagan man looking for his Goddess

    • admin
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      Try a Pagan dating site if you haven’t, maybe you will find your Goddess if does not hurt to try.

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