New and Vintage clothing by NastyGal


New and vintage clothes are making a major comeback in fashion.  The vintage new and used clothing store online called NastyGal is taking fashion by storm with over a hundred million in sales.  What started out as an eBay store became big business for its young owner.  The wonderful thing is that so much of the fashion is goth and witch inspired, with an upbeat twist that makes it modern.

This Betsey Johnson button Maxi Dress is an excellent example of their vintage offerings perfect for the goddess Wiccan.  Even the lace-up boots rock the Wiccan beauty look.   This is a totally chic vintage black maxi featuring a deep V neckline and a button-up front by Betsey Johnson. Loose flowy fit, unlined. Lightly padded at shoulders. Looks amazing paired with platform heels and a Lucite clutch.  It’s circa the 80s and would look incredible on any witch.

Witches love, love, love the vintage clothes and fashion.  While NastyGal is definitely at the high end of the price range for the witch, it gives good ideas of how a Wiccan look can be ultra sheel and fashionable.   Wiccans love to find their own deals on vintage clothes and you’ll find a witch for sure in your nearest salvation army store.  Check out the site NastyGal (don’t be misled by the name, it’s a clothing store) for ideas on Gothic, witchcraft and vintage looks to die for.

New and used Vintage fashion

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