Naturally beautiful skin tip: skin care regimen

For naturally beautiful skin you must adopt a daily skin care regimen.  Ayurveda is the ancient system of healing from India.  This system has a very holistic approach towards skin care.  Stress relief, healthy diet, and regular skin care are the key to Ayurveda. 

By consistently caring for your skin with an every day program of skin care you can achieve beautiful skin.   Your skin should be looking soft and smooth.  If your skin is dry, flaky, or loses the natural smoothness then you’ll want to revamp your skin care regimen and lifestyle habits.  Protect your skin from the elements such as the sun and keep your skin soft and supple with moisturizing creams.  Your skin care plan should consist of the three elements of cleansing the skin, toning the skin and moisturizing the skin.


A gentle cleaner will help you keep your skin clean and remove any and all dirt and pollution from it.  Seek out natural and gentle products that won’t strip the skin with harsh detergents.  Look for high quality and natural products.  If your skin is sensitive make sure to test the product and assure yourself there are no irritant ingredients.  A gently formulated cleanser is a must for every day use.  If your skin is dry you can sometime use a gentle body oil as a cleanser.  Try Neutrogena light sesame oil.  Ayurvedic skincare products contain natural herbs such as gotu kola which is a gentle collagen enhancer.  Natural skin care lines are familiar with the herbs and plants best for skin care.


Toning is a second step that removes acne causing bacteria from the skin and makes it tingle fresh and clean.  I prefer Noxema blemish pads with salicylic acid medication as a toner.  The pads remove all dirt from the face and keep it clean as can be.  While salicylic acid is wonderful for acne, to some women such products are not gentle enough for their sensitive skin.  If your skin is sensitive you can try a gentler toner.  Cucumber slices, or rosewater can be gentler skin toners.  Another toning idea are the grainy scrubs such as apricot scrub. 

By exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin you enable and encourage new skin to grow and your skin will glow too.  Sensitive skin women can try an at home oatmeal scrub to exfoliate and tone the skin.  The little granules in facial and body scrubs give an exfoliating cleaning that cleanses the skin of all dirt.  A face and body wash with warm water on a wash cloth can also exfoliate dead skin, stimulate circulation, and leave your body toned and cleansed.


Moisturizing skin is essential after toning and especially in the evenings.  Evenings are the time to put on those night time creams.  You must know your skin type to choose the proper moisturizer.  Women with dry skin can use a heavy body butter cream to moisturize.  If however you have oily skin you will need a lighter airy moisturizer that won’t suffocate the skin with grease.  Oily skin needs to breathe.   In the ancient system of Ayurveda you want to work with nature not against her.  This is the first law of well-being and taking care of your particular skin type is essential. 

Use common sense and some trial and error to work with your natural skin type.  Find the right products for you.  If your skin is dry and flaky or oily and broken out then you will want to do a makeover of your skin care products in order to get the skin back to optimal condition.  Throw away any product that just isen’t working for you.  There are plenty of natural and botanical based skin moisturizers and creams to try out.  Certain textures and fragrances may or may not work for your particular skin.  If you need help head to the local specialist at the department store for skin cream suggestions.

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