Naturally beautiful skin tip: fight stress

If there is anything that can harm your naturally beautiful skin it is stress.  You need to fight off the stress in your life because it really is a silent killer.  If you have a stressful lifestyle this provides an environment for the damaging free radicals to flourish.  They can undermine your cells and negatively affect your health and appearance. 

Reducing stress takes effort.  There are certain things you can do to keep the stress at bay.  Moderate exercise will help reduce your stress.  Try yoga, meditation, and going for walks as a start.  These peaceful actions will help rejuvenate you, put things in to perspective, and ease your breathing.  Don’t expect stress relief to come magically.  This is something you have to take time out to make happen.  If you work towards keeping your life in balance it can have a long lasting payoff.  While others might view massage or spa treatments as superficial, you may find them to be instrumental in balancing your mind and emotions.

People who have more fun with their friends tend to be less stressed.  Life is not all work and no play.  Maintaining friendships and enjoying the company of friends can be instrumental for some women in times of crisis.  Health problems, family issues, financial harship, career problems and bad luck in general can be mitigated by having close friends to confer with.  Don’t let your friendships slide as you will be able to count on these people when life delivers hard blows.  Knowing you have people in your life that have your back is greatly comforting.

Another way to reduce stress is through relaxing body treatments such as massage and aromatherapy.  Get a massage periodically at the spa to unwind.  If you can’t afford to pay for wellness treatments then do an at home spa treatment.  For example, light aromatic candles and take a long relaxing bath.  Play gentle music.  Sit on a lounge chair in your yard and read a relaxing novel or a magazine.  Grow a garden or take up a relaxing hobby just for the mere enjoyment of it.  Taking time out from life’s daily stresses can really help.

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