Natural shimmer makeup for a Wiccan Goddess

Are you a Wicca goddess? Depending on your school of thought regarding superficiality, you might shun makeup completely or fall at the other end of the spectrum, embracing almost Halloween like goth makeup. Neither is a particularly good place to be. There is a middle ground where makeup is appropriate. Makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

If you love fairies, princesses, beautiful witches and ethereal goddesses then you probably like feminine clothes, jewelry, essential oils and fragrances, and lacy things. There is nothing wrong with that! Women are beautiful and I love the ethereal photos of mythical women.

One of the biggest mistakes witches make is to wear either no makeup, or too much of it. The cardinal sin of too much makeup is when you wear bright pastels and shimmery colors. You don’t want to be a witch that looks like you’re wearing a Halloween outfit, unless of course it’s Halloween. Shimmer and bright colors need to be applied in moderation. That being said, an ethereal magical glow to your face and skin looks magical.

For the right amount of shimmery makeup, think subtle and natural. You’ll want a hint of shimmer only, to bring out your skin tone and add a natural looking sparkle to your face. This Neutrogena combination blush/bronzer is the perfect combo. It has a slight hint of shimmer and velvety natural color. This subtle shimmer is whatr can make your skin look healthy and glowing.

You can find this drugstore Neutrogena Makeup anywhere, including online at Use makeup to bring out your natural beauty and keep shimmery cosmetics subtle and earth toned. Remember that you don’t want caked on makeup but rather a hint of color that only serves to enhance your natural beauty.

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