Mirable herb sage

Use of sage for ailments

Sage is reputed to be therapeutic for a number of health ailments.  This common spice has the Latin name Salvia officinalis which means to save.  Sage has antibiotic, anti-allergic and antiseptic properties.  This herb is packed with vitamin B and C, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

Sage can be used to help stomach upset problems such as gas, dyspepsia, ulcers, liver and kidney troubles.  It can be used to cleanse sores.  It is supposed to help the sex drive as well.  Some witch’s claim that adding sage to jojoba or olive oil makes for a wonderful essential oil.  This oil can be used as a beauty treatment for scalp and hair deep conditioning.  A sage tea made from the leaves and branches of sage can be applied to the scalp as a rinse to help with hair regrowth.   Sage is often used to add taste to vegetarian green salads or as a healthy seasoning for chicken dishes.

Wiccan use of sage for purification

Sage has long been used to purify a space.  In the old days, witch’s would burn sage in their temples or place of worship.  Wiccan’s still use sage to cleanse an area for a ritual and to cleanse an area and rid it of all negative influence.  Romans and Greeks believed that the smoke from the sage imparted mental sharpness, wisdom, long life and good health.   Some believed that sage could bring about immortality even.

Use of sage for Wiccan smudge sticks

Wiccans often use white sage in their smudge sticks.  A smudge stick is a small bundle of dried herbs bound with a string.  When burnt the stick has a pleasant smell and can be used for magic spells, purifying, and ridding of negative energy.  Preparing the smudge stick and then using the scented smoke during rituals is common in many of the Wiccan traditions.

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