Metaphysical beauty

The term metaphysical can be thought of as a synonym for supernatural. Metaphysical also refers to a branch of philosophy that deals with aspects of existence and the theory of knowledge. When we say metaphysical beauty then we often mean it as supernatural beauty. A supernatural beauty is the women who is happy with herself and possesses true inner confidence. She remains centered and can focus on feminine things without allowing life’s worries take over her feminine aura. Likewise, she takes care of her health and appearance.

Some women are beautiful as a result of being born beautiful and inheriting universally attractive physical characteristics. Other women are more average so their looks are not supernatural. An average woman however can enhance her beauty and feminine appearance by learning technique sto maximize their figure and physical features. Such a woman can successfully transform herself through the use of cosmetics, healthy diet, hair and clothes so as to look as though she is effortlessly beautiful.

Application of makeup is one of the most ancient arts known to humanity. Like all ancient arts, the application of cosmetics has a metaphysical significance. The term cosmetic comes from the word cosmos which is Greek. Cosmos means order. That’s why we think of the cosmos as the order of the universe. But when we apply cosmos to beauty, it still has profound meaning. There is nothing wrong with the utilization of makeup to enhance ones beauty as there are plenty of organic and mineral based makeup brands that are make from all natural ingredients.

Rather than ignoring makeup and cosmetics, a women of average looks can utilize it to enhance her features, soften her hair, and keep her skin supple and smooth. Soft, flowing and feminine clothes can also accentuate a woman’s natural features making her figure appear curvaceous and feminine. Essential oils, skin creams, natural fragrances, and mineral makeup are all beauty products that can be explored to enhance ones beauty. One’s personality, voice, attitude and demeanor can also add to the package.

A beautiful woman has an assemblage of graces and properties to her physical appearance. Some of these graces are appealing to the eyes where as some are appealing to the ears, intellect, moral sense, and other abstract properties. Your beauty is a coupling of your outer beauty as well as your inner beauty. You appearance, the sound of your voice, your intellect and your personality all blend together to make you into a feminine ornament.

We all know that women who are relatively young, have smooth skin, well proportioned bodies and solid features are considered beautiful. There is also however other components of beauty. Inner beauty includes having a pleasant personality, being intelligent, graceful, charismatic, having integrity and elegance. Outer beauty of physical attractiveness is more subjective and depends on the beholder.

One of the most important features of beauty is the waist-hip ratio. Women with hourglass figures are said to be more fertile and makes subconsciously are drawn to such figures when choosing mates. Women who do not fit the beauty ideal are sometimes ostracized whereas a strikingly beautiful women can be targeted for harassment for fear of being a man stealer. Studies have shown that beautiful people earn up to ten percent more money than their counterparts. Such discrimination in the workplace which is based on appearance is known as lookism.

Don’t be afraid that enhancing your natural beauty would be deemed superficial. It is not superficial whatsoever but rather the metaphysical art of feeling and looking beautiful. A healthy mind and a beautiful body and face reign supreme. Make sure to reduce stress in in your life, eat a healthy diet and exercise with regularity, take time to find figure enhancing clothes, and explore natural mineral makeup, skin creams, and essential oils. Look, feel and smell your best and your beauty will be supernatural whether it is or not!

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