Magical Ivy and beauty

Common ivy, called Hedera Helix, is not a tree of course but isd nevertheless considered a secret plant of Wicca witchcraft.  The most common association of ivy is with the Holly tree and is used worldwide as a Yuletide decoration.

Ivy is a beautiful ornament and accent.  The greek god of intoxication was often depicted wearing a wreath of ivy and grapevines.   Ivy is also associated with the Egyptian god Osiris of the sun, agriculture and earth.   Ivy is often carried by brides as it brings good luck and fertility.  Where ivy grows it guards against negativity and disaster.  Ivy makes a beautiful headress.  To adorn your hair with ivy cut only what is needs and wash and dry carefully in the sun.  Loop into hair or through braids to bring a natural wreath to your hair.

You’ll often see chalices and wants entwined with ivy and vine leafs.  One old wives tale is that ivy tea will cure intoxication.  Some wineries have ivy on the door ways as a way of signalling good wine within.  It goes with the old saying a good wine needs no bush.

There a many varieties of ivy but the English common Ivy called Hedera Helix is the most prolific.  Ivy is a wild climbin vine that attaches itself to surfaces easily including walls, brickwork, and trees.  Fibers grow out of every part of the stem and are able to attach themselves to a variety of surfaces.  The leaves come in different shapes the most common of which is similar to a heart with a 3 lobed leaf.  Some ivy bears little green yellow fruit berries that birds eat.  Ivy is a wonderful beautiful ornamental covering for buildings but can get aggressive and out of control like a weed of left to grow unabated.

Use ivy for spells that involve nature and water, fertility, fidelity, life, death and rebirth.  The beautiful ivy princess photograph is from ivys domain.

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