Magic spell for soft beautiful hair


This spell for maidenhair is easy to cast. All you need is mix several cups of good conditioner with a few tablespoons of flaxseed oil and a dash of ground ginger. Get a gallon of purified water or drinking water and wet your hair down. Apply the conditioner mixture and cover hair with a warm towel turban.

Now you are going to relax for 30 minutes with the mixture on your hair and cast the spell chant below. Your faith is important in making this spell effective. Make a decision to take better care of your hair and deep condition it every week. Reduce the harsh chemicals and processes you inflict on your hair and embrace its nature color and texture.

Chant the spell 100 times while you relax with the conditioning mixture on your hair. The warm towel will help seal in the heat and soften the hair. Add ice to the clear fresh water and use the cool water to rinse the conditioning treatment out of the hair throughly. Sit out in the sunlight and let hair air dry naturally afterwards. Apply same spell once weekly for three to four months. Your hair should be 100 times softer than it was before. Trust me you will love your silky touchable hair if you recast this spell over the course of several months.

Spell Ingredients

  • Conditioner
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Dash of ginseng
  • Warm hair towel
  • Purified water
  • Ice

Soft hair spell

Secret of witches with beautiful soft hair
Adorn my tresses with softness beyond compare
Absorb this potion and give my hair goddess glow
Weave sunlight and silk into my strands it flows
Revitalize my hair with silk spun flair
Goddess me beautiful with soft luscious hair
So mote it be

Soft hair spell

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