Magic rose petal bath

Roses are a symbol of beauty, love, and purity. They are a flower loved by all goddesses. There are so many beauty benefits of rose oil which is often used in scents, bath products and skin care creams, lotions and gels. Roses can make the skin softer and act as an astringent to cleans the skin.

Herbalists believe that roses can treat a variety of problems as an herbal remedy, for example digestive, menstrual and gum problems. In aromatherapy and therapeutic body massages the rose scent and oil can help relax you and have a magically soothing and calming effect over your nervous system.

To calm your mind and think positive, beautiful thoughts, consider a relaxing and wonderful rose petal bath. Fill a hot relaxing bath with water and aromatic bath salts or bubbles. Spread rose petals all around the bathtub and sides of the bath tub. To accentuate the experience light several white candles.

A rose petal bath will relax you, ease your mind, and make your skin softer. Most importantly, your mind will be freed with this ancient beauty ritual. Use rose petals, oils perfumes and tinctures to massage your body and let your imagination gently take itself away from day to day problems.

To re-experience the rose petal bath you can purchase a large candle tray. Place the white candles in the tray and the petals around. This will clean up easier and bring back the mental image of rose petals all over your bathroom. Add aromatic bath salts or bubbles and your mind will free itself.

A beautiful delicate rose petal bath should be done every few months to¬†rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Embrace your feminine beauty.¬† If you find yourself free one weekend evening or are feeling lonely, take the opportunity to relax and let your inner goddess rejuvenate. You can play soft music, deep condition your hair while bathing, exfoliate with an aromatic floral soap and body sponge or just meditate quietly. You’ll feel beautiful afterward.

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