Magic mirror Beauty Spell

The power of the mind is incredible and while maybe it won’t change the way you look completely, you can indeed enhance your god given natural beauty with powerful positive thinking. This spell incorporates meditation, relaxation and making your skin smooth, soft and youthful. For this spell you are going to need to find a beautiful hand held vanity mirror. Hopefully you have one from a family member or that has sentimental value. If not, you can look for a beautiful mirror at antique stores, estate sales and flea markets or even just the specialty gift store or beauty supply. It should be cherished beauty item and that you are quite fond of in order for this spell to work. This paticular mirror should help make you smile and think positive thoughts.

Spell Ingredients

  • Rose oil
  • A beautiful hand held mirror
  • Candles
  • Patouchli incense

On the night of a full moon you are going to cast your beauty spell.
First you are going to light the candles and incense and relax. Make sure to choose candles with a favorite aroma that will soothe and relax you. The beauty ritual for the spell you are going to anoint your body with the rose oil to soften your skin. When all of your body feels soft and smooth and the rose oil is rubbed in you are going to pick up the mirror. Pass the mirror over your head, face and around your body. You’ll want to pass it through the incense smoke. Go to a window or near to a place where there is natural moonlight shining into your home or room. Pass the mirror also through the moon’s reflection.

As you perform the ritual make sure to focus on the things which you want to beautify. Pass the mirror over the parts of your appearance you wish to improve. Remember that some things such as losing weight will also require follow on effort after the spell such as healthier eating. Along with the parts of your body that you want improved visualize the changes in your lifestyle habits that can also make your spell really work. Commit to yourself to follow healthier eating and exercise habits and to pay more attention to caring for your skin and face. Vow to keep your skin protected from the sun and moisturized and to embrace your beauty and celebrate it. Gather some ideas for making this spell work whether it be shopping for new clothes, organic beauty products, or merely paying more attention to your outward appearance for the sake of simply feeling better about yourself.

As you relax and meditate with the incense and mirror focus on what you find most attractive about yourself and ideas to enhance those features. What have you always been complimented on? Whether it be your hair, skin, effervescent personality, or eyes, you can embrace your best features and think positively about your beauty. Vow to apply a little more effort into your looks and personal grooming. You should spend at least 10 minutes with soft rose oil skin meditating and celebrating your beauty and promising to commit to taking care of yourself better to enhance it.

When your mind is in just the right place you are going to recite the beauty spell. Focus your mind on the spell and I promise that your renewed vows and request to make your beauty clearer will help you look your best after this spell has been cast. Keep the mirror by your bedside or vanity table to remind you of your desire to let your beauty be enhanced. It will help you to remain motivated to care for yourself and your beauty at a priority. Don’t break the mirror or the spell will be broken. This is your mirror and now you can save it as a family heirloom too. Someday, you can give the mirror to someone special for good luck.

Beauty Spell

Wood and wind, Ember and mist
Grant your blessed child’s wish
Sacred Mother charge this mirror
Let your light make beauty clearer
Wrap it in your gentle glow
So that tis all it ever shows.
As a blossom in your glade
Let my beauty never fade.

This special free beauty spell is custom crafted for my web site and protected by copyright It is only for personal use of my readers. Whether you believe in witchcraft or not this spell should help you focus on positive changes in your life which will enable you to enhance your true natural beauty. I hope you enjoy it.

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