Magic lavender for the goddess

Lavender has a delightful scent and a flowery taste. It has been used historically for the magic of its scent and calm peaceful sedating effect. Lavender is a common ingredient in magic love spells and witchcraft rituals because it has the attractive scent. It can be used to attract money. It can also be used as a calming aphrodisiac to encourage your lover to stay the night and get cozy with you after being passionate.

For good luck, love peace and good health magick, put lavender flowers in an amulet or sachet and carry it with you or place discreetly in your lingerie drawer.   Crrying a lavender amulet is said to attract spirits and otherworld entities, and love.

Use lavender scented bath products and natural lavender herbal soap to relax, purify your bath and for aromatherapy purposes. You can place lavender oil drops into your bath or run bathwater over fresh lavender. Use perfumes, fragrance or lavender scented candles for the same effect.

You can purchase lavender herb or cut fresh and wash to make a tea. Dried lavender tea will help you relax have peace health and longevity as well as love.  Be forewarned that lavender should not be used immediately before being passionate due to its sedative effect.  Lavender also makes a romantic flower arrangement, can be placed around your candle tray or as an embellishment your special altar.

If you’d like your lover to fall asleep in your arms use lavender scent after being intimate or making love to turn your man from an escaping lover who wants to retreat to his own abode, into a peaceful lover who will stay the night in your arms.  Use a few drops on your pillow or sheets, or use a sachet of lavender and place under his pillow after love making for the sleepiness spell. Include lavender herbs in your love spells as it can help harness his love with its attraction scent. Lavender is bound to Mercury and air and its delightful fragrance should be part of any goddess witches magic love spell herb collection.

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  • wil
    August 31, 2013 - 1:50 am | Permalink

    my girl loves lavender for peace and love my father were literally out of his for it something about that coloure calming like bergamont

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