Magic Aloe Vera


For years the magical Aloe Vera plant has been used to treat burns from cooking, oil splashes, sun burn, nappy rash, insect bites, allergic reactions, eczema, wounds on the pets, rug burns, cuts, and scar treatment. Growing your own aloe vera plant can enhance the magical properties. Take a leaf from a plant with permission, and plant your own. This plant can be used for remarkable curing throughout the years and handed down to your friends and family alike.

Aloe Vera plants can become huge and act as a magic plant that has the power to heal across the levels and layers of an injury. Over the years your Aloe Vera will become imbued with a healing magic and its effectivesness will strengthen as the years go by. Incidental small skin wounds or rashes can be healed or stoped by using clean aloe vera on the wound while it hurts, throbs, or itches.  Aloe Vera can help swelling go down and reduce discomfort associated with mild skin injury.

Herbal healing magic absolutely exists for small cuts and bruises, we just need to get our modern heads around it in the way that witches, shamans and magicians are able to.   Wiccans can create magic with an herb, essense or plant like Aloe Vera. Magical qualities not only include the actual healing properties of the plant, but also include the magical spirit and good will that assists with the healing process.  Wiccans take advantage of both the spiritual and physical healing properties that can be found in the plants of nature.  If you need a home remedy ask a Wiccan friend for a cure as they are usually familiar with plants, oils, and natural fragrances that help heal.

Magical Aloe Vera plant

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