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A lover’s quarrel is an argument between lovers, a boyfriend and girlfriend or a husband and wife. Having a lovers quarrel is an example of two people who love each other but are arguing or in a rough patch. If you are having a lovers quarrel with him, it means you may be having a rough time in your relationship. Don’t allow a quarrel to go so far as to destroy the love you share.

Emotional tension of a lover’s quarrel can spark chemistry

The beautiful thing about a lover’s quarrel is that usually, when you love each other still, you have the passion to fight and fight for and with each other. It’s when all communication stops that a person should be even more worried about their relation falling apart. Also, a lover’s quarrel does imply that you will make up, because after all, lovers tell each other everything.

Lover’s can get very passionate and have a love/hate relationship. A love/hate relationship means you love the person and need them, but hate all of the negatives that are part and parcel of the relationship. No matter how tight and intimate a lover is, an argument with him occasionally looms to create a tide in the relationship. While quarrels can shake a relationship down to its very core, if handled well, quarrels can actually be healthy and can help create lasting relationships that continue to reignite passion over time.

Lover’s quarrel are caused by jealousy

There are many things lovers argue about but the most common thing that lovers quarrels are really about is jealousy. Jealousy is a natural human emotion that can quickly spiral out of control. Although jealousy is not negative in itself, its people’s reactions to jealous feelings that make it a negative and spiritual drain on a love relationship. If you are having serious lovers quarrels you might want to examine whether you are letting jealousy control your life and become a self-fulfilling prophecy that will destroy the relationship. If the cause of the jealousy doesn’t destroy the love, your jealous reaction to it surely will.

Lover’s quarrel gets fueled by insecurity

Jealousy does not grow on trees and it typically stems from either the lack of trust or lack of emotional assurance from one’s lover. Jealousy can also come from having a very low self-image or an inferiority complex. If you have been cheated on or betrayed before, you may be more prone to jealousy and anxiety. If you’re the jealous one in a lovers quarrel, you must learn to act by reason and not be driven solely by your emotions. Jealousy is just a product of your own emotional patterns that exist primarily in your head. Your past relationships can also create emotional baggage that you carry forward.

If your lover admired something about another person such as their beauty or kindness, it does not mean that you are loved any less. It does not mean that the person is more attractive than you are. It means more than anything, that you are insecure. You might be bringing past fears and insecurities into the current situation when these situations are unrelated to past history with other people.

Lover’s quarrel meanings

If you are looking for meaning in your lover’s quarrel, ask yourself if you are behaving out of jealousy or insecurity. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner so that you can discuss things. Your lover can help you alleviate your jealousy. If your partner is the jealous monster and responsible for the quarrel and tension, assure him of your devotion. Often jealousy can be diffused if you reassure your lover of their innate worth as your lover.

Lovers can break up over jealousy and insecurity. You might hear a man say, she was too jealous, needy or controlling. While this may be true, understand that jealousy does not come out of the blue and there are usually causal factors in the other partners behavior that are bringing the jealousy and insecure feelings on and up to the surface. Perhaps you or your partner needs more attention, reassurance and affection than you are currently giving him.

Lover’s quarrels may signify a passionate relationship that has its share of ups and downs. True lovers will always get past these quarrels and their passion has a way of re-igniting and sparking over time. Some quarrel’s can be healthy because tension is so closely related to chemistry. If however, your quarrels are becoming ugly, you may want to work on issues of jealousy and insecurity. Control jealousy by sticking to rational thinking, disallowing your mind to get carried away with thoughts and predictions that are not real. Work on minimizing insecurity by improving your health, body and social life so that you feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable to your partner. A strong support system of friends and family, along with a positive attitude and outlook on life, can help tremendously to curb lover’s quarrels.

Fight fair with your lover when quarrelling

Arguments by nature are difficult. Certain things can be said that are so hurtful and frustrating that they cause irreparable damage. And yet, disagreements are a normal natural aspect of any lasting relationship. Differing viewpoints can add spice to your love life because emotions generate chemistry. Always fight fair so that the quarrels help build better a relationship rather than break it down.

It is how you handle a quarrel that can matter the most of all. If lovers quarrels are handled poorly, they can wreck a strong love bond. Avoid destruction by carefully handling quarrels in a way that would boost your true love and pave the way for new closeness. If it is fun to fight and make up you have worked together through it using the right approach. Never rip your lover up in a way that the damage causes irreparable damage. Insults and cut-downs that are egregious are never forgotten so keep language in check and don’t get nasty when a quarrel arises. One way to fight fair is to stick to the topic at hand and not drag past grievances into every quarrel. Another valuable tactic is to avoid yelling. If you have to scream you probably are not ready to talk about it and it will not be productive. Take time to cool off and calm down before considering any confrontation with your lover. Fight fair if you want to preseve the love.

Lovers quarrel

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