Love at first Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight?  The concept of falling in love upon the first sight of meeting some one is ingrained deeply into our culture and we see it in the most famous of fairy tales.  Whether you believe that love at first sight is magic, just a myth, or meaningful, the concept is intriguing.  Every woman has come across a man at least once in her life when her heart just literally skipped a beat upon laying eyes on him for the first time.

The intensity of that feeling can conjure up senses that you have touched a divine spirituality.  It is a spark and a once in a life time experience, giving meaning to your life on earth.  This is particularly true if you have a blissful romantic and passionate relationship with this person.  It is exciting, exhilirating and sacred.  Every woman when she reads a romance novel or goes to sleep at night wishes for that one single moment in time when she will meet the man of her dreams and her destiny to be with him.

As spiritual as such a meeting can be, a woman has to temper that exhilaration with reality.  Because after the initial attraction is felt, this person may not even be a healthy partner.  Maybe he is attached to someone else already, not even available, or not the person that you imagine him to be.  Just as easily as the fairy tale takes over, reality and potential heartbreak can set in.  The expectation bar is set so high when you meet a person you believe is your souldmate, that the fall can be terrifying.

In the movies from The Notebook to the classics such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, we see the literature and theater and movies depict those intense sensations and passion.  Being able to deal with the emotions wisely is important as such love at first sight connections when they do not pan out can lead to eventual heart break.  I believe in love at first sight and it does happen for some lucky women.  Sometimes it leads to the love of their life, other times it leads to intense physical chemistry yet only a short flash in the pan romance.   Whether the relationship lasts for years, or just the memory of it is what lasts in one’s psyche, the experience is intense and sets the bar for future romances.  Often times, future love affairs can not live up to the memory of an intense romance.

Regardless of how meeting your soulmate turns out, that magic of meeting a kindred spirit and someone who you are deeply attracted to is something that no woman should miss out on in life.   Therefore, be ready to let love in and risk fall when this magical opportunity befalls you!

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