Love Addict

Sex, Romance and other Dangerous Drugs

This book about romance, women and love addiction from Ethlie Ann Care Vare is a wonderful read about the magic and dangers of intense attraction.  Chemical components set in when a woman meets a man for whom she has deep physical attraction.  If you are lucky enough (unlucky enough in the event of eventual heartbreak) to meet this person it feels as close to magic as anything in this world.

The magical signs are telltale from clammy hands to thumping heart and increased blood pressure even, feelings of euphoria, and giddiness.  This magical high is the feeling that dreams are made of.    Yet, what happens when it ends, or the person whose heart was broken just can’t move on and then she struggles with heart break.

Heart break can lead to alarming behavior, from depression to obsession.  It can run the gamut from fantasizing, begging, crying, pursuing, manipulating and even stalking.  A woman whose heart is broken might resort to repeated unwanted visits, phone calls, email and text messages.  The love addiction is often fueled even more when the love is unrequited, and the man is trying to get away from you and your relationship.   The more the person backs away, the more you want them in your clutches.  Worse yet, the relationship may hardly exist in his mind, yet you feel that you are in one whether it is real or all in your head.

Heartbreak, and hopeful love, is often what leads a women to witchcraft, psychics, love spells, and self help books.  She is seeking answers and hoping and praying to change the waves of someone elses mind.  Benevolent love spells along with reading some good ole self help books can often give a women ideas and pause for thought, especially if she contributed to the relationships demise.  Seeking magic is generally harmless and sometimes helpful.  Your love spell and behavioral changes may lead to a reconciliation. 

If nothing comes of the wishful magic and longing, the women will typically have her feelings slowly wane over time and move on.  If she can’t and becomes addicted, she risks legal consequences if she continues to aggresively pursue this person and should get help to stop.  Often times a visit to the self help asile in the book store, or visiting a psychic can add new hope and promise.  Maybe the psychic sees a brighter future once she sheds this person from her life.   It can help a woman let go and move on.

The magic in attraction is real and there is a chemical component to it.  If the romance does not work out, witchcraft can be used to attempt to rekindle it.  Barring a successful love spell, a woman may be in need of magic to rid her thoughts of this  person.  She needs to banish this negative relationship since it is leading nowhere, and see into a brighter future.  The magic feeling of in love is worth it, whether the outcome is happiness or heartbreak, at least in my opinion.

If you feel as though you are clutching at the ankles of a man who really does not want to be with you, read this entertaining self help book by author Ethlie Ann Care Vare for tips on how to identify you are in trouble and start the process of recovery.  You can also try magic, but if it does not work then assume it is not meant to be and move on.

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