Look like a goddess by getting your body swimsuit ready for summer

No matter how naturally beautiful you are, summer can come as a shock as you have to peel off those winter clothes and wear tank tops, swimsuits and shorts.  You might have protected your skin under loose and long clothes all winter but summer is sure to bring out any body issues you might have.  Even witches who shun superficial beauty have to face the daunting task of feeling good in their summer wardrobe.  Here are some easy 100% natural steps you can take to enhance your beauty organically.

Never fear because you can improve your body and your body image with a few simple changes in your lifestyle.  The first priority for a natural goddess is to get her body into shape with practical diet and exercise.  Start making a few changes before the high peak of summer and you’ll be on track to look like a summer goddess.  If you plan to diet or get in shape you’ll need time to lose the fat slowly.  Fad diets trends don’t work and they aren’t safe either.  Do it the all natural, healthy way by eating right and exercising safely.

You could drop one to two pounds a week if you set your mind to it.  Anything more than that may be too drastic of a weight loss and may leave you with stretched out skin.  You want to get in shape slowly and consistently to keep your skin looking firm and tight.  If you lose weight to quickly your skin won’t have a chance to bounce back and you can get cellulite from that.  Take weight loss slow and steady.  If you build muscle with exercise along the way, it will help to keep your skin draped firm and tight on your emerging body.

Strength Training

If you want to look like Zena you are going to have to do a bit of strength training.  Walking and moderate exercise is great and all but to get a warrior princess physique you are going to have to build more muscle.  Try doing strength training 2-3 times a week through the summer and beyond.  Not only will you burn the calories you want but you’ll build meaner muscles that are going to make you look firm not flabby.

Exercises for strength training include the basics such as squats, rows and lunges.  Look for strength training exercises in fitness and fashion magazines and in the exercise video catalogs.  Get a yoga workout mat from the local sports store to use for things like leg lifts and sit ups.  The shorter the home workout DVD the more likely you will be to do it so look for programs that are 10-30 minutes rather than the longer ones that require more motivation and time. 

If you don’t do well doing an independet workout using magazine suggestions or workout DVDs, try doing the nautilus machines at the local gym.  For the out of shape goddess it can be a wise investment to pay for a personal trainer for a month or two so they can show the safest exercises for your level of fitness.  Exercises that firm up your buttock and abdomen should be your top priority as a saggy bikini belly or bottom is the most common body flaw for women.


Don’t skimp on hydration.  Try to drink enough fluids to keep yourself hydrated.  Even mild dehydration can reduce the performance and fat burning effect of your workout.  Keep ice cold water bottles on hand and drink a few a day.  Try adding natural fruits such as cucumber, lime or lemon to the water to dress it up.  Another tip is to eat foods with good water content including fruits, vegetables and healthy teas like green tea.

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect so it should be avoided.  If you do drink socially mix your drinks with sparkling water or club soda.  Instead of wine have a wine spritzer.  This will reduce your calorie intake as well.

Ditch the starches

One trick to shed weight is to cut way back on starches as well as fatty meats.  This means that you should avoid things like white breads and pastas, fried foods, fatty meants and items like cookies, white crackers, cakes, muffins and bagels.  Try to move over to the whole wheat side of things.  Switch to whole grain or whole wheat breads and avoid eating too much white pasta, white potatoes and white bread.  If you cut back on processed and starchy carbohydrates like cookies, muffins and donuts you should be able to shed pounds.  You also won’t get bloated.  Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead.

Improve the posture with dance

If you stand tall you should look more slender and graceful.  Don’t slump and don’t wear baggy clothing.  Try to sit tall and improve your general posture via meditation and dance class.  Better posture and being aware of your body stance will enhance you look and costs nothing at all.  Wearing heals and a soft dress or skirt can also improve your overall feminine grace.

There are certain exercises to try for making your body more ballerina like and lithe.  For example, dance classes work well.  Take dance classes to learn some sexy moves and improve body control.  Try rumba, ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, or go-go dancing classes.   Flirty dance or recreational exotic dancing class can be purched from catalogs as home DVDs.  You can do them in the privacy of your own home just for fun.  Another type of exercise that is good for posture are classes that focus on yoga, meditation and stretching.  See what is available at the local gym or dance studio.  Sit and stand tall and work on having a more graceful body stance.

Pick the right summer outfits

Bring out your inner goddess with the right summer outfits.  You can try some flowy light weight summer skirts.  Keep it light and airy.  If you are going to wear a swimsuit make sure to shop and try on 20-30 different swimsuits before making a purchase.  A more expensive swimsuit that looks fabulous is a better investment than one that is just so so. 

If the top of your figure is different than the bottom consider doing a mix and match.  Buy one suit for the top that fits and another for the bottoms that fits and then pair those together.  To maximize your goddess potential search for luxurious swimsuits that have dazzling jewel tone colors, gorgeous patterns, or unique detailing.  You want to really stand out and look exotic.  For example, the wonderful swimsuit depicted is a designer style from Paradizia called Fallen Star.  Investment in an exotic looking swimsuit is well worth the money.

Cover-ups can hide swimsuit flaws as well.  A lightweight Crochet cover-up is sexy, as is a silky robe or kimono.  A very lightweight open sweater that is long can also be a good swimsuit cover up particularly if you want to conceal a big bottom.  Look for feminine flowing coverups that give a ferile sexy aura.  Baggy sweat shorts are a big no-no.  Think seductive goddess when you choose what to wear!

Let your inner goddess shine through

Strength training exercises that target the bully and buttock, a healthier diet with less starch and processed food, plenty of fluids, good posture from dance class and careful selection of flattering summer swim apparel should help make you be the goddess that you imagine yourself as.  No witchcraft spells or superficiality required here.  Plenty of herbal drinks, lemon water and green tea should help!

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