Know your body

Do you know you body?  If an ex lover or evil person tells you that they do not like your body it can make you feel insecure.  Yet, do not let someone topple your view of yourself.  A malevolent spell will not bring good energy to you.  This is something that you need to nurture on your own with positive thoughts and images.

You have an exquisite body with well formed hips and curves.  A professional stylists’ number one secret to beauty is to know your body well and always showcase your positive features.  If you feel that your physical appearance or ordinary then it is possible to cultivate a unique sense of style that makes you unique.  Explore wearing flowing outfits, hair ornaments, delicate shoes or other jewelry or accessories that create the wiccan goddess persona that you wish to emulate or exude.  Look at photographs of goddesses and fairies for inspirational ideas with style, clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Do you have beautiful hair, or a gorgeous bust?  Voluptuous curves, or a nice slim figure?  Maybe you have nice skin or dainty feet, or long hair.  Every single aspect of your goddess beauty is a potential feature to accentuate your body perfection.   A personal life coach would encourage you to make a well thought out list of your best features.  Then, be sure to accentuate those aspects of your body when dressing.  The key to goddess beauty is to understand your best aspects and embrace those.  Do not be scared that they be showcased.  Whether it is your hair, skin, smile, or figure, you will want to let that shine through.  Use the knowledge of celebrity stylists to truely understand that each and every woman has flaws and the key to becoming a true goddess is to pick out the positives and learn to accentuate them.

Just as you take time to create ambiance for spells with candles and rituals, take the time to be beautiful.  An inspired body image is essential to accept and love your body and yourself.  Focus on feeling energized and excited.  Never stop implementing positive changes inside and out.  You’ll want to embrace your physical health by drinking plenty of water and eating a variety of organic foods.  Always look for new opportunities to let your inner beauty shine though.  Take time to shop, dress and accentuate your most beautiful features.  If you are complimented often on a particular charicteristic or feature be sure to nurture that aspect of your goddess beauty.  Love your body and try to gently improve it over time by taking the time to eat natural and organic foods, be physical, and dress like the goddess that you are.  You’ll feel sexy as you walk down the street, enter a room, cast your magic, attract suitors, or when being intimate with your lover.

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