Subtle but Strong influence of Pheromones

Are you looking for the man of your dreams?  Believe it or not, taking a good long sniff of your potential romantic partner may point  your love compass in the right direction.  Those unsuspecting pheromones in your body scent play a very clever and very large role in your instinctual attaction to your lover.   How your body odor is percieved by another person is a very selective process.  If you are magically attacted to a man, he is going to smell very, very good to you indeed.

I’ve read that surprisingly, in human nature we smell best to a person whose genetically based imunity to disease is most different to our own.  In other words, we instinctually want a very healthy partner and this often makes for stronger healthier children as well.  Pheromones are linked to sexual attraction as well.  If your man smells good to you, you are going to hug him more, kiss him more, and have sexual intercourse with him more.  Knowing this, realize that the reverse scenario is crucial.  You want to smell good to your man.  Obviously you can’t change your biological body smell, but you can do your best to stay fresh and clean.

While pheromones may not be witchcraft, suffice it to say that smelling good to your partner increases the attraction levels between you.   Smelling nice to him may might help you out just as much as casting a magic love spell.  WebMB states that trials in a commercial pheromone called Athena was shown to increase hugging, kissing and intercourse in a trail of people using it by 74%.   Smelling good matters.  You don’t have to buy a commercial product per se, just stay clean!  This means tending to your personal hygiene and staying fresh.  Try using a light smelling soap with a clean fresh scent.  Shampoo, conditioners and skin creams with an alluring scent will also help.  If you sweat profusely, try a light anti-persperiant or deoderant to keep body odor in check.

Men often say that they love the way a woman smells when she is fresh and clean right out of the shower.  Therefore, you don’t need a heavy perfume to attract him.  A natural clean fresh, just out of the shower smell will do just fine.

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