Hydration and beauty


Proper hydration is not only just important for your overall health. It can also make you more beautiful as the fountain of youth lore describes. Pure water is a healhy choice to quench your thirst. If you are trying to break a soda habit then lemon water and herbal teas are also healthy alternatives to plain drinking water.

Staying hydated is associated with beauty. Lack of hydration can result in dry skin, brittle skin, dark circles, droopy eyes, acne and those are just a few examples. Constantly drinking coffee, soda and other surgary drinks can dehydrate you and stain your teeth and tonque an ugly brown color. The standard recommendation is to drink close to eight 8 oz glasses of water throughout a day.

Rejuvenate your skin and hair

Drunking enough water brings wonderful natural moisture to your skin and hair. If gives your skin way more luxury than the expensive creams that women invest in for a healthy glow. Incrasing your water intake can help eliminate many of your skin issues. Drink filtered water to eliminate all of the impurities that come with tap.

When you start to drink more water you might notice that the acidic conditions that lead to acne are neutralize. Keeping your body well flushed can help to eliminate all of the toxins inside that lodge into your body and lead to unsightly acne and skin eruptions. Drinking plenty of fluids should help moisturize both your skin and your hair from the inside out.

Reduce dark circles under the eyes

While developing dark circles under the eyes can be a result of natural aging, there are several things that contribute to their development. Being too tired and twoo dehydrated can result in bags under the eyes. This is why you must stay hydrated and eat very well balanced meals as that will go a long way towards minimizing dark circles, bags and sallow skin under the eyes.

Carry a water bottle with you and drink to keep hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. Sip from the bottled water regularly and keep up with your fruits and vegatables which also have a high water content. Smoking is horrible for the eyes as well so don’t smoke. Dehydration can lead to fatique which can sap your energy and drag down your face. Dull eyes and droopiness can be ameliorated by staying rested and well hydrated.

Remember that drinking plenty of water will help your inner goddess shine through. Stay rested and well hydrated. Flush toxins out of your system by drinking throughout the day. Drink water that is filtered and purified. To change up the recipe, try various lemon spritz or green tea water so that you don’t get bored with plain drinking water. Proper hydration should contribute wonderfully to your natural physical beauty.

Hydration is the fountain of youth

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