How to make your hair grow faster? Number one tip is to eat a balanced healthy diet

Do you want to make your hair grow fast so you can look like a goddess with long silky, soft hair?  It’s a good goal to have.  Women with any hair type including thinning hair can take certain very simple steps to enable their hair to grow out nicer.  The first thing to look at if you have slow or no hair growth is your diet, medications, stress levels, and infections.  Any of these factors can inhibit hair growth.  Get healthy and you hair should grow. 

Here are a few dietary tips for healthy hair maintenance.  If your hair is growing nicely it should grow out about half an inch every month.  Keep reading for more tips on foods that should help that hair to grow faster.

Protein for growing hair faster

Your first strategy to having healthy fast growing hair should be to eat a well balanced diet that includes a variety of foods from the good groups.  Note that the diet won’t help the hair that you already have but it should help the new hair coming in.  Therefore, within a three to six months of improving your diet you should see a difference in the new hair coming in.  You need enough protein in your diet.  The dietary protein helps to form keratin which strengthens the hair structure. 

Iron and Zinc for growing hair faster

Not only do you want to ensure you get protein, you’ll want to insure you get enough iron and zinc.  You can get these nutrients by eating lean meats and also plenty of healthy vegetarian items like soybeans.  Try nuts, beans, and lean meats.  You can get  enough iron from foods such as tofu and lentils.  You can get zinc from peanut butter, pumpkin seeds or even chickpeas.  The zinc helps repair tissue and keeps the oil glands working.  Most women can get enough iron and zinc from a healthy diet without having to take any supplements.  If you have deficiency then you could consider supplements but only if directed by a qualified health professional.

Healthy fats for growing hair faster

You must eat healthy fats.  Cutting out the bad fats such as those from cakes, bakery items, processed foods and fried foods is always a good idea.  However, don’t cut away the healthy fats.  You need healthy fats for hair growth and if you go 100% no fat then your body may not be able to maintain healthy hair.  You want to get some of the healthy fats with Omega 3 which would include things like avocado and nuts.

Vitamin C for growing hair faster

Make sure to get enough vitamin C through foods like oranges.  This will help you prevent dry, damaged and dull hair that is prone to breaking.  The body can use the vitamin C to build up collagen.  The collagen is an important fiber that is part of the production of hair cells.  The vitamin C will also enable your body to absorb iron from other foods you eat such as lean meats or vegetarian beans.

Vitamin B for growing hair faster

Certain studies have shown that B vitamins help to avoid hair loss.  Some people have ran into the vitamin shop upon hearing this to take B supplements and even use topical applications to speed their hair growth.  Research however has not really shown that B vitamins like biotin and riboflavin make such a difference.  So, be wary of B hair vitamin supplements.  You should be able to get enough B into your diet merely through healthy foods.  If you really, really want to take vitamins then a one a day multi-vitamin should suffice and even for that you would want to check with your doctor beforehand.

You can really get the vitamin B naturally and organically by just eating a healthy diet.  Eat foods that you know are healthy such as spinach, seafood, lean meats, lean dairy, oatmeal, lentils, soybean products, peas, artichokes, brocoli, beets, sweet potatoes and whole grains.  Choosing healthy foods is not rocket science. It’s just the foods that a healthy minded person would consume.  It’s a matter of incorporating lean meats or vegetarian proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains into your every day diet.  If you want healthy goddess hair and you want to grow it fast the place to look is your diet. 

Make sure you are eating healthy and getting a good balance of healthy foods.  If you aren’t, your hair will be one of the first things to suffer.  If your hair looks lousy or won’t grow, look to your diet for answers.  You can’t change hereditary predisposition to hair loss but you can change your diet to maximize those genes that you do have to work with. You have nothing to lose by improving your diet to be balanced and healthy with a good spectrum of foods for healthy hair.


  • Babar Dilnasheen
    January 8, 2013 - 10:23 am | Permalink

    I like your page
    My hair is day by day loss i m very woried for hair loss center point and my hair is very oily and i take a bath alternaite day my age 40 years old and i hope you will help me for hair loss treatment tel me best diet food and other external treatment.

    • admin
      January 23, 2013 - 6:30 pm | Permalink

      Hair loss is never fun. Make sure to get enough healthy oils and protein in the diet. Stop damaging hair treatments such as bleaching, dying, straightening, perms, heat drying, irons, and so on. Sleep on a silk pillow case in the evening to avoid hair breakage in bed. Don’t comb or brush hair when soaking wet. Use detangler and fingers to gently remove tangles ripping out as little hair as possible. Lastly, see you doctor and get your yearly blood work done to pick up on any potential deficiencies.

      Your doctor might be able to recommend changes in the diet or supplements to make sure you are getting hair related vitamins into your system. If none of this helps after a few months go see a hair loss specalist doctor for more recommendations. Sometimes hair loss is heriditary yet you certainly can minimize the damage by staying healthy, seeking out and following expert advice.

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  • Bettie Mae Smith
    October 21, 2015 - 12:18 pm | Permalink

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