How to look sexy by wearing sexy clothing, hair and makeup

Do you want to look sexy and irresistible?  Little tweaks in what you wear and what you bare can transform you from ordinary into a goddess bombshell.  It can be invigorating to play up your inner seductress from time to time.  After all, you are a goddess!  You can look sexy in a little pair of black undies or barely there lace thongs, however some women don’t have the thin figure to pull that look off.  Never fear, because goddess inspired looks are not limited to skimpy lingerie.  Playful, sexy clothes that still leave something to the imagination work just as well!

String ties will show off your natural skin

Clothes that say pet me, touch me and please unwrap me can look amazing and they needn’t show an excessive amount of skin.  Look for corset ties, ribbons, and materials such as cashmere, faux fur, and silk.  These materials are going to look and feel fabulous against your skin.  You’ll create an irresistible attraction with outfits that look like they need to be unwrapped.  String tied shirts, books, sweaters and other styles are going to make a man want to untie you like a present.

Smoldering eyes and vampy nails

To set off your sexy look try some smudged black eyeliner.  Make sure to do a clean application and use a makeup remover pad or Q-tip to remove excess black makeup.  You want to keep the makeup looking neat yet strategically smudged and smoking hot around the eyelid.  Try a classic red manicure and pedicure to contrast with the black.

Luscious hair

Sexy loose hair tumbling with curls and body will enhance your look as well.  Deep condition hair and let dry naturally or blow dry gently.  Then, apply a curling iron to the top layers to add some shape and loose flowing curls.  This will scream sexy and untamed.  Keep hair trimmed regularly as you’ll want clean ends and a bouncy look.  Even if you have to cut your hair a bit shorter its better than wearing split ends as this takes away from the voluptuous goddess look of the hair.  You need pure, lush, thick ends and the maximum body.  Slightly tousled and wild will look sexier than a pin straight hair style.

Sexy legs

Lace tights or stockings are going to look incredible.  These cover the legs somewhat giving a peek-a-boo look and texture to the legs.  If you can pull it off try wearing fish-nets.  Otherwise go with a sexy lacy patterning.  Classic pumps in red or black, or lace up boots should finish up the look of sexy legs.

Red stained lips

Red lips will up your sex appeal.  If your lips are thinner don’t do an all harsh red lipstick.  Instead, take the red lipstick and apply it gently on with your fingers or a lip stick brush.  This will break down the reddest red and make it look like a natural red stain as opposed to drawn on lipstick.  Never apply red lipstick onto lips directly from the tube.  For the best red lips you’ll want to dab it on then blot lips with a tissue after.

Animal attraction

If you have a unique feature such as a tattoo don’t be afraid to play it up.  The smallest accent can be a jolting sexy feature and will make you look more feral.  If you have a tattoo or some other type of body art then flaunt it as it makes your look individual.  If you don’t have a feature to flaunt consider a little garter belt or other femme fatale accent.

Peek-a-boo imagination

Rather than baring it all in a truly skimpy top or mini skirt you can just work your look with a subtle sex appeal.  You don’t have to play up everything all at once or you’ll risk looking sleazy instead of sexy.  Remember, items that leave something to the imagination work just as well.  String ties, stalkings, silk gowns, flowing robes and lace up boots can be selected that aren’t completely revealing but are nevertheless intriguing to look at.

Channeling your inner seductress can be fun and inspiring.  Think of the wardrobes back in the 40’s era.  Hollywood style romantic clothes are going to help you look like a silver screen siren.  If you want to attract your mans attention then don’t be afraid to dress to kill for him on occasion.  Competition for men is fierce so on those few days where you can be playful you can do it.  Some women get sexy for nights such as Halloween.  While it can be viewed as sleazy it’s a guarantee that men love it. 

Every once in a while you must unleash your wild side.  It shows you can set aside time to be playful, creative and imaginative.  You might be dismayed when your lover oogles go-go dancers and women in costume but it’s animal instinct.  Men love a demure woman but they still want a little bit of the naughty mixed in here and there.  Creative sexy dressing is something men absolutely love about women.  Have fun from time to time and keep your love interest lusting after you rather than the local go-go girl!

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