How to look naturally beautiful like a true goddess

Do you want to learn how to look more naturally beautiful?  A true goddess does not need tons of makeup to look alluring and beautiful.  She will however, accentuate her beauty with a touch of makeup that is meant to enlighten her natural beauty.  She will make her eyes look exotic with mascara and shadow and pencil in her eye brows to frame her face.  Here are a few beauty tips for enhancing your goddess beauty without becoming too fake or phony.  Healthy living and a bit of makeup magic will work wonders.

Don’t wear too much makeup

You don’t need tons of makeup caked on to look like a goddess.  If you wear too much makeup it can make you look even older than your age.  It doesn’t harm you much to look older if you are really young.  However, as you become more mature the last thing you want to do is look older than you really are!  Caked on blusher, loud obnoxious colors, and gloopy lip stick looks way too harsh on a mature woman.  Besides which, too much makeup is a turn off to most men. 

When interviewed men reliably state that they prefer subdued makeup on a woman.  Subtle makeup enhances a woman’s features as opposed to overwhelming them.  The key is to strategically apply the makeup to enhance the natural features.  That means concealing blemishes, framing your eyes by neatly penciling in brows to define them, and wearing mascara to make your eyes pop.  Always think when you are applying makeup.  The point of the makeup is to not look made up, but rather to enhance your best features.

Make sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids

You must lower your intake of fat, fried foods and sugar.  Eat healthy foods including lean meats such as skinless chicken or grilled fish.  Cut back on all the junk foods especially fried foods.  Skip the cakes, muffins, cookies, deserts and greasy stuff.  Opt for vegetarian food including fruits and plenty of vegetables.  Avoid sugar drinks and stick to water and herbal teas.  If you drink plenty of water you will help flush away toxins and clear your system.  Water helps you stay hydrated which is great for your skin.

Protect your skin

Wear plenty of sunscreen daily, even in the winter as you can get burned from overcast weather conditions.  Try a good high SPF sunscreen such as Neutrogena.  Sunscreen is the single most effective anti again beauty cream.   The sun causes not only premature wrinkles and aging but it can also make you susceptible to melanomas.  Protecting your skin is imperative if you want to look naturally beautiful.  Leathery, over colored skin is unattractive.

You’ll also want to moisturize your skin every single day.  Inexpensive body butters work wonderfully as moisturizers.  You don’t need to spend alot and can get excellent nutrient enriched creams from stores such as The Body Shop.  When you shower be sure to exfoliate your skin.  Sloughing off excess skin can be great for rejuvenating your skin and preventing breakouts.  To cleanse pores and keep acne at bay try salycylic acid cleansing pads.  They work practically as well as the facials you get at the spa.  Stay out of the sun, and keep your skin blemish free and moisturized.

Smile and be happy

Smile and be happy!  A great attitude and personality reigns supreme.  Try to keep your stress levels at a minimum and enjoy life.  Nothing makes you look more naturally beautiful than a playful persona.  Maintain good posture, and smile.  If you are slumped over and miserable looking your natural beauty will be lost.  Try to be upbeat and reflect that with a smile and good posture.  The perkier and more vibrant you are, the better you look.

If you smile and laugh it is infectious and people will be naturally drawn to you.  To play up your smile make sure to use a whitening toothpaste and even those white strips.  Occasional dental whitening and regular cleaning will help keep your teeth sparkling white.  When you smile you want healthy white teeth to show.  Brush regularly and take good care of your teeth as they need to last a lifetime.

When you smile and look happy and confident you look ten times more beautiful.  Look confident and don’t be afraid to laugh infectiously.  Appreciate the good things going on in your life.  Nobody thinks a whiner and complainer is beautiful.  With the right attitude people will be magnetised to you.  If you lack confidence consider purchasing self-help books on how to make friends and connections.  You might get some suggestions that will help you develop into a charismatic person that people love to be around.

Stay groomed

Even though you are going for the natural look you don’t want to get big and hairy all over.  Stay well groomed.  Keep your hair brushed nicely and use softening conditioner.  Rinse hair with cool water to give it shine and bounce as hot water can leave it dull.  Try some natural and organic shampoos, hair oils and conditioners.  If your hair is delicate then avoiding harsh chemicals and sulfates can help.  All natural hair shampoo and conditioner can be purchased inexpensively at health food stores and organic markets such as Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Even though you are naturally beautiful you are going to want to keep your excess body hair growth in check.  If you are hairy this means keeping a nice shave.  If you are victimized by stubble consider waxing or lasers for hair removal.  Likewise you’ll want to keep unruly eyebrows in check.  It’s worth it to go to the salon and get a professional shaping or threading to clean up errant hairs.  Having cleaned up brows with a nice arch will make you look more put together.  If you face is well groomed and kept clear of blemishes and excess hair, then you won’t have to wear as much makeup to look amazing.

Dress for success

Don’t wear frumpy dowdy clothes.  Take time to buy clothes that fit you well and that look good on you.  If your financial resources are limited you can still look fashionable.  Every few months go through your closet and lingerie drawers and get rid of a few things.  Send them to good will.  Then, buy replacements.  Even if you only buy one or two items a month the shopping will keep your look updated.  By revolving your wardrobe you’ll know what you have and what you have coming in.  The more you go through your clothes the more likely you’ll wear different items that you love but forgot about.

Make sure to keep your clothing closet and drawers neat and organized.  If it doesn’t flatter your figure then don’t wear it.  If you haven’t worn it in years you should let it go.  Take care when you shop to only buy things that you love, love, love.  If a clothing item is just a maybe or a so-so then don’t spend the money.  Save your money for clothes that you love and that you will be sure to love wearing.  That one pair of favorite jeans will be worn much more than the stack of so-so sale jeans in the closet.  Stick to the items you love, and that look good on your figure.  It helps to have a full length mirror and large hand mirror in which you can see the rear view of your body.  Always do a once over before leaving the house which helps you catch and prevent fashion disasters.

Get healthy

Get exercise several times a week whether it be via walking or going to the gym, taking a class or working on your yard scape.  Anything that gets you moving is a good thing.  Window shop or walk your pet.  Along with a good diet and regular exercise make sure to get your beauty sleep.  Being sleep deprived is going to make you appear spun out and disheveled.  Get your rest and try to adopt a schedule of going to bed and getting up that gives you the full 8 hours of sleep you should get every evening.  Being well rested does wonders for your look.

Try organic makeup products

As you age it is great to look natural however without a stitch of makeup an older woman is not going to look her best.  The skin looks gaunt, wrinkles show, and the face looks washed out and tired.  Here is where some subtle make up magic can work wonders.  If you don’t like makeup here is where you can try the mineral makeups.  They are all natural.  The thing is, you can really look prettier if you have a little makeup to cover flaws and accent your good points.   There are pure and organic makeup brands that will enable you to cover flaws and conceal your age spots.

Unmade up eyes can look tired.  Mascara on the eyes is a great magic trick that perks up your eyes and draws attention away from wrinkles and brown spots on the face.  Filling in the eyebrows with a pencil slightly lighter than the color of the hair will subtly give the brows more definition.  Mascara will give a three dimensional effect and make your eyes pop out.

While you don’t necessarily need foundation, it can be extremely useful to have a concealer.  Consider investing in a small concealer cream as well as a high quality makeup brush to apply it with.  Touch up brown spots and flaws with the concealer.  Apply with the makeup brush and blend well.  Additionally, a mineral powder can help even out your skin tone.  Use a small makeup brush to cover spots and a medium sized makeup brush to apply mineral powder.  A small amount of enhancing mineral makeup will help you achieve a more perfect looking, ethereal face.

Natural hair and nails

To complete your natural look you’ll want natural nails in nicely groomed condition.  Consider buffing the nails and applying a clear coat of polish.  With your healthy diet you should be able to have a luxurious head of hair.  Avoid over processing and allow a little natural wave in your hair.  Don’t stray far from your natural hair color and texture.  Too much processing will dry your hair out and wash out your skin.  If your hair looks drab try to deep condition it and you can even apply a temporary color that will make it look richer.  Some natural wave looks gorgeous and gives your face a multi-dimensional illusion. 

Even the natural beauty employs a few magic tricks to look that way.  Eat healthy, exercise, take care of your skin, and use a touch of makeup to bring out your features.  A natural goddess takes care of herself.

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