How to get silky, soft goddess hair with an inexpensive deep conditioning treatment process

A Wiccan goddess should have soft, silky beautiful hair fit for a queen, princess and of course, a witch. But how do you do this without spending a fortune?  How do you achieve the beautiful and soft silky tresses that you see in many ethereal goddess photographs?  The answer is in eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients and avoiding harsh hair dye and heat styling processes that cause breakage.  Trim split ends.  Deep conditioning your hair and embracing the natural waves is essential.

We know that hair extensions can be a fun way to dress up your hair however bonding extensions can harm your natural hair over time. There are Japanese straightening processes and keratin relaxers that some women swear by yet again they can seriously dry out your gorgeous tresses and force you to cut your hair later to reverse all of the damage.

Higher end salon quality hair shampoos and conditioners like Kerastase and Moroccan Oil are available with deep conditioner ingredients yet ongoing treatment using expensive hair conditioners from the beauty supply or salon can wind up costing hundreds of dollars a month. If you’d like to get beautiful soft hair here is my all-time secret goddess hair tip to try that is both effective and affordable enough to do regularly.

Secret for silky soft goddess hair

You’ll need about an hour for this deep conditioning trick as it involves conditioning your hair successively in one sitting.  Keep your favorite conditioner on hand for this one because you’ll need it for the very last conditioning pass.  Additionally, shop for some less expensive conditioners at the drug store or 99 cent stores. Get a few bottles of less expensive conditioners to try.  For this treatment you are going to take a relaxing bath with candles and make sure it is steamy and quite warm akin to a sauna.  You will be using your inexpensive conditioners to run through five different conditioner passes. You’ll condition the hair with at least a cup of product for each pass. Work conditioner completely into strands and leave on for five minutes. Then, rinse gently.  While your hair is under water for the rinse out gently finger though while the confitioner is still coated on to hair which will separate tangles and coat all of the missed strands. Gently finish the rinse out.

Repeat the conditioning process at least five times. Leave conditioner on for 5-10 minutes per pass and relax in a candle lit soothing bath. You’ll use one to two bottles of conditioner doing one treatment after another.  This is your chance to look for discount conditioners or brands you’ve never had a chance to try that are on sale because you’ll need quite a bit of conditioner. For your very last pass, you are going to use your favorite conditioner brand or a higher quality brand. Leave on for 5-10 minutes for the last pass.

You’ll find that multiple passes of slathering conditioner on for a few minutes in a warm bath, rinsing and repeating, works more effectively than leaving one deep conditioner on for say 30 minutes to an hour. The repeat process seems to get hair softer and silkier. You’ll also get a chance to try a variety of conditioners with different organic ingredients. By finishing with your tried and true favorite brand of conditioner, you’ll be assured that your hair will turn out nicely.

Conditioning hair repeatedly in a row instead of doing a single deep conditioning treatment is as effective as any Wicca spell for hair that I know. Your hair will be softer when you are done and fit for a true goddess.  Keep a cool drink of water on hand so that you don’t get light headed. Add cool water to hair or bath water using cup between conditioner passes.  This trick for soft, silky, gorgeous goddess hair really works like magic.  Try it out once every week when you have time to relax and I promise your hair will feel like spun silk!

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    im a quartercast colour kid dose it work for me as well

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