Help your goddess hair grow faster by limiting the damaging treatments

Do you want your hair to grow fast, long and luxurious?  Sexy long hair attracts men there is no doubt about it.  While you can’t help your genetics or a tendency for thinning hair, you can talk control of certain things. 

First of all you must eat a healthy balanced diet with enough lean protein.  Make sure sure to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains to get your needed iron, zinc, B and C vitamins for healthy hair. 

Next, you need to limit the damaging styling treatments.  Frequent styling and certain styling techniques can be harsh to your hair causing damage, thinning and even hair loss.  Occasionallly styling your hair should not severely damage it however if you are doing multiple harmful processes it can add up and exacerbate damage.  The more you damage your hair the longer it takes to restore your hair to a healthy state and that means you’ll have to wait longer to grow it out.  If your hair seems to grow slowly it is even more important to take good care of it and avoid procedures which will impede the growth or break the hair.

Here are a few hair care tips that you should follow in conjection with switching over to a healthy well balanced diet.

Limit the hair brushing

Brushing your hair, particularly when you have course hair, can literally break it.  Improper brushing that rips out the hair will thin down your hair.  It will create breakage leading to split ends which will make the hair grow out unevenly.  If you have giant clumps of hair on your hair brush after brushing, you are likely yanking too hard.  Do not pull or yank the brush through tangled hair.

One thing you can do to correct heavy handed hair brushing is to make sure hair is properly conditioned.  If your hair has a good conditioner treatment, it should be easier to manage when dry.  Try different conditioners out until you find a brand that lets your hair be soft and pliable when dry.    If you need to, use a detangling spray or softening gloss on damp hair. 

If your hair gets matted with tangles you will want to gently finger separate the clumps.  Your goal when untangling is to separate the hair and work all tangles out leaving as little hair as possible pulled out.  I finger separate as opposed to brushing.  To avoid having to yank tangles out make sure to sleep with your hair pulled up in a loose bun or protective style.  You should also make sure to pull hair back and protect it if you will be doing strenuous activity such as riding in the convertible or being at the beach.  The less you allow your hair to tangle up, the less brushing you will have to do to untangle it.  If your hair is particularly ratty then deep condition it and gently work the knots out with your fingers.

Combing or brushing soaking wet hair can be very dangerous as you can break it without realization.  Hair can stretch then snap when wet, which is not good.  Likewise if your hair is dry as straw then brushing will break it.  I like to finger out the knots when the hair is 90% dry.  You want it to be near dry but with a little moisture elasticity in it so you can work the knots out gently. 

Keep washing at a minimum

If you have dry hair then you can go several days if not more between having to shampoo it.  This works for dry, curly and coarse hair as you want the natural oils to build up for the hair to stay supple and strong.  If you wash it too much it will only cause dry hair, breakage and split ends.  If you have oily hair you might need to wash the hair daily or every other day.  Just be careful to use a very delicate shampoo and dry it gently.  If you have oily hair and you have to wash it all the time make sure to cut back on other damaging processes.  Try to let it dry naturally whenever possible.

Use the right hair care tools

If too much hair ends up on your brush you might consider switching brush brands.  I like the large paddle brush with the synthetic but soft bristles.  Some women like an all natural brush however.  Metal bristles can wreak havoc on the hair so you will want to find a brush that is compatible with your hair type.  The best way is to try several different types of brush then choose the brand that can get through your hair with the least amount of hair loss.

Minimize hair tangling as that in turn will minimize the brushing you have to do to eliminate the tangles.  If you wear your hair in a pony tail purchase the gentle elastic rubber bands that won’t rip the hair.  Avoid harsh metal clips that pull on your hair when you put them in and out.  Plastic coated hair clips and the metal-free rubber bands will help eliminate breakage.

Whenever you brush your hair I recommend finger separating it first to get rid of larger dread locks or tangles.  Then when you brush always start at the bottom and work your way slowly up.  If you brush and yank at the shaft then tangled hair will break.  It’s best to hold the hair in one hand and gently work the brush through it.  Start at the very bottom and work your way up.  Again, check your hair loss in the brush as you’ll want to be careful.  Don’t yank a harsh brush through the hair in a rush because you will regret it later on.

Don’t over process the hair

If you have gray you’d like to cover with a gentle hair dye that is one thing.  As long as you do not stray too far from the original color you should be able to cover the gray without doing any harm.  What you do however want to avoid is over processing.  The biggest hair damage comes from bleaching the hair.  This can be when you go from dark to really light, or when you repeatedly add highlights thereby recoloring already lightened hair too many times until it starts to break.

Color over processing isen’t the only pitfall.  Too much mechanical curling, straightening, and ironing can cause just as much damage as bleaching and excessive color processing.  If you have course kinky hair then hot styling tools can help keep hair softer and in control.  Your goal however, should be to preserve any blow dry or flat ironing job for as long as possible.  Wait as long as possible between styling treatments and keep hair free of tangles in the mean time.  Wear it up in a soft pony at night and sleep on a soft silk pillowcase to preserve the style.  If you swim keep the hair up.  Hot styling tools do cause damage so if you absolutely can’t stand your natural hair then just be sure to spread styling sessions out as long as possible to minimize the cumulative damage.

Watch for breakage

Anything that yanks on your hair won’t be good for it.  Therefore, avoid super tight hair styles that pull the hair too hard.  Avoid constant styling practices that repetitively yank the hair.  For example, brushing with a harsh brush that rips your hair is bad.  Processes that can weaken the hair shaft include things like bleaching, strong highlights, perming, Japanese straightening processes, and installing hair extensions.  Hair extensions look great but they seriously damage the hair.  If you can avoid them, do so.  Every woman I have ever spoke with that had hair extensions said they absolutely loved how they looked but they completely ruined their hair.

If your hair is breaking too easily it may be too dry.  To fix this you need to start altering the shampoo and conditioner products you are using.  Try different brands.  You might have to spend more money however I have good luck using Finesse conditioner, Suave de-tangle, and a dab of drugstore shine smoothing serum such as Citrus shine.  Its a matter of finding the product combination that works for you. 

I have found that going through several condition, rinse, condition cycles works better than leaving the conditioner on for one pass.  I apply Finesse and leave on for a few minutes, rinse and apply it again, then again.  This seems to make my hair softer than if I were to leave the conditioner on longer rather than rinse out and reapply.  You use up a little bit more conditioner but it works.  The softer the hair is after it dries, the less likely its going to snap off, break and disrupt your agenda to grow it out to goddess length.

Try a hot oil treatment

About every few weeks or once a month your hair might benefit from a hair oil treatment.  Look for natural and organic oils such as jojoba oil, argon oil, or olive oil.  Even coconut, almond, and avocado oil works.  I like to add the oil treatment into the hair before washing it.  Leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing.  Then, shampoo. Always make sure to shampoo out the oil treatment well so your hair doesn’t turn out a greasy sticky oil mess.  A deep oil treatment followed by a good shampoo followed by a deep conditioner will help keep your hair soft and elastic.  You can try the essential oil shop for suggestions hair oils as they often sell organic hair oil products there.

Trim your hair

Trimming your hair regularly is so important.  Most women who are trying to grow the hair out won’t trim it but you should.  The trick is to get it trimmed by someone who will just nip the ends and get the splits off.  If you get a hair cutter who is over zealous it will negate your hair growth.  No sooner than you grow the hair out a few inches the stylist is chopping it off eliminating your efforts.  You need to trim it regularly every ten or twelve weeks.  But you don’t need to chop it all off.

If you have the nerve you can easily keep your hair trimmed on your own.  Buy a professional quality hair cutting scissors.  Every month or two gently snip the very ends off to clean up any new split ends.  If you have a hair style you can take hair section by section starting at the crown.  Trim each section a minuscule amount just to get rid of the ends that are fraying.  This will not change your hair cut or style.   Just go through each section of your hair chunk by chunk and barely nip off the ends.  This should keep ends solid and chunky and prevent any breakage on the end points of your hair.

The less procedures the better

Every woman has some sort of hair fetish about a certain procedure.  For example, you might be obsessed with the blow dry, or flat iron, or getting highlights, and so on.  The best strategy for getting your hair to grow to goddess length is to minimize the procedures.  If you have one procedure that is do or die then you do it.  But, try to minimize other procedures.  For example, if you must have highlights try to wear your hair naturally wavy so you don’t have to straighten it or blow dry it too.  If you like to style your hair constantly you might want to avoid coloring it. 

By cutting down on the procedures you are doing you can really save your hair health and enable it to grow.  Choose the most important procedures that you need for your sanity and let the other ones go.  The less procedures you do to your hair, the more money you’ll save and the more damage you’ll be able to prevent.  Only do the processing or treatments that you can’t live without and forgo the other optional treatments.  A healthy diet, a good conditioner, and minimizing the number of processes from coloring to styling, should give your hair the breathing space it needs to grow and grow.  Give yourself ample time for your goddess hair project, as it will take six to twelve months to see major results.

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