Healthy witch, best spell ever!

The best witch craft spell ever doesn’t require a specific spell to be cast at all.  It’s more of a lifestyle choice.  Because witches know so much about herbs and spices and spiritual studies they are the best ones to put this information to use on their own bodies and emotions.

The goals of a healthy which should be to achieve a balance in life.  Be sure to celebrate life and not get too caught up in the small nasty stuff that goes on.  Rise above it.  Try to exercise the body regularly, eat correct healthy and organic foods, meditate to eliminate stress and troubles, and love as best you can.

Let your natural inner beauty shine through

Witches must start with their inner beauty and let that shine through to their body.  Enhance your magical self and always strive to think positive and build your self esteem.  Cook delicious recipes and make use of your knowledge of herbs and minerals for natural beauty purposes.  Lose weight gradually by healthy diet.  Exercise to reduce stress in your life.

Break nasty habits

Breaking nasty habits such as smoking or cursing can help change your perspective to a more positive outlook.  Learn the cycles of the earth including the moon and celebrate all holidays.  Work to create zen in your home and surroundings.  If there are negative energies over taking your life try to divert your focus to friends that make you feel amazing and good about yourself.  Try to be that friend to others as well.

Focus on spells and rituals that promote harmony

Focus on magic, spells, potions and magical people who bring happiness and harmony to your life.  Embracing your more spiritual self can help you learn, become more creative, understand the power of psychology and promote healing and personal development with your witchcraft.  By being a positive, loving witch you have the power to bring positive energies back into your life many times over.

Cast spells for harmony and peace

There are many spells available for harmony, peace and inspiration.  These will let you be thankful for the positive things in your life.  For a general purpose harmony boost, pick out your favorite scented candle, or your favorite colored candle and incense.  Arrange pleasingly with flower petals and favorite items.  Then, chant a spell to bring harmony and peace such as this one.

Harken my prayer for harmony
Harken to all those who hear my call
By fire, water, earth and spirit inspiration I call to thee
Let there be peace and let there be harmony surrounding me
Blessed be, wild and free
Bring peace and purest harmony to my family and loved ones,
So mote it be

To cast this gentle harmony spell effectively be sure to chant it gently ten times over and over while your candle and incense gently glows and burns. Make sure to breathe deeply, and gently meditate. Envision the relaxation, peace and harmony that you wish to surround and relax yourself into. If you think positive thoughts as you cast this spell it will be very effective and powerful. This spell works best in the morning sunshine or prior to going to sleep by light of a full moon.  It is a way of helping you mentally turn over a new leaf the next day or morning and is meant to remain effective for the entire month or until another full moon appears.

Healthy witch

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