Have the glowing flawless skin glow of a goddess with a blush bronzer duo

Does your skin look dull and washed out?  This may be linked to your diet.  Obviously you’ll want to eat healthy foods, protect your skin from the sun and avoid smoking.  To further brighten you skin you can always utilize a touch of blush and bronzer. 

If you want to brighten your skin you can apply a tad of natural looking blush to the apple of the cheeks.  Remember, never get the blush into wrinkles and creases near the eyes (the crow’s feet) or the nose (the nasal folds).  Instead, keep two fingers away from the nose and eyes. 

Take a big soft makeup brush and apply the makeup to the brush, tapping out any excess first.  Swirl the brush gently into the product then gently tap out to remove excess. Brush makeup on the cheekbone in an up-sweep and blend well.  You should not see any makeup lines if you have chosen the right shade and blended well.  It should just add a hint of color to your face.  

You can use a natural shade of blush or a bronzer depending on your preference. This LORAC blush/bronzer duo will give you the sun kissed look in one simple compact that has two in one. It’s a great blend of blush and bronzer called Hot and Spicy from ulta.com.

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