Halloween or Samhain

Wiccans love to celebrate Halloween. To Wiccans, Halloween, or Samhain is a holiday that marks the end of the third and final harvest. It is the symbol of the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, or the darker half of the year.


On Halloween, Wiccans feel that the spiritual world meets the physical world. Wiccans like to wear dark clothes and feel closest to the dead. Rituals to remember ancestors are very common and it is said to be a night of reincarnation.

Witches believe that Halloween can mark the end of bad relationships and situations and that Halloween is a night where they can let go of negativity and have hope for a bright future. Halloween is a very coveted sabbat by Wiccan witches. They celebrate it as a religious festival. Celtic neopagans and Wiccans love Halloween.

On Halloween the old God dies and the Crone Goddess mourns his death. She is sometimes seen as an old Halloween hag stirring her cauldron in many European photographs.  Celtics believe that dead souls return to her cauldren. Her cauldren represents life, death and rebirth. The dead souls are being stirred to await their reincarnation.


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