Halloween love spells

Most of Halloween magic can be categorized as superstition. But that doesn’t stop us from having fun on this magical night. Paranormal events and supernatural activities are the norm on this night. Spirits are believed to roam the earth freely. There are tons of magical Halloween love spells to encourage love or find answers to your relationship.

Are you interested in true love? These silly spells should get your mind going if you are on the quest to meet your true love or future spouse. You can even test the loyalty of your lover through these fun spells. They may not really work but they certainly get you into the love quest frame of mind. Get dressed up in costume and have some harmless fun with by getting into the Halloween spirit.

Shirt cuff Halloween spell

On Halloween get the fireplace going with a cozy fire. Take a men’s shirt and wet one sleeve. Lie the shirt out on the couch near the fire while you relax and give out candy. When you come back to the shirt later, not only will your shirt be dry but your future lover will have cuffed the sleeve up on it as well!

Herring Halloween spell

On Halloween evening eat a salted herring before bed time.  In your dreams you will become so thirty that your future husband will come quench your thirst in your dream. What an icky kiss that would be!  When you wake up you will know who your future husband is, or at least you will have a most vivid memory of the kiss and what he looks like.

Hemp seed Halloween spell

Carry a bag of hemp seed when you embark on your trick or treating adventures and festivities.   Between houses you visit toss some hemp seed over your shoulder. Recite this chant also “Hemp seed I sow thee, hemp seed I sow thee, he that is my true love come harrow me”. Look over your left shoulder throughout Halloween evening and you may see your future lover!

Water Halloween spell

Do this spell game with your girl friends. Set out four dishes one with fresh drinking water, one with purified water, one with dirty water and one with no water. Blindfold each player and let them dip their hand into the bowl of their choice.

If a player put her hand in the empty dish she is destined to be a spinster, or may be involved with a man who ultimately will never marry her. Time to lose him and move on lest you remain single forever!

If she puts her hand in the dirty water she is dating a player who will cheat on her. Time to kick that player to the curb because once a player always a player!

If she puts her hand in the purified water she is dating a virgin. Uh oh no comment!

If she puts her hand in the clean water, her search for true love has the best chance of success. If she’s dating him and dips her hand in clean water, she better hang on to that man as he’s the real thing.  If she is single and puts her hand in the clean water she is destined to meet her true love soon.

Halloween love spells

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