Hair grow spell


Are you wishing to grow out your hair into long luxurious locks? For soft, incredible long hair you need to take a two prong approach. Number one is that you can use magic to steer the fates to your favor. Number two is you can boost the effectiveness of your wish by taking good care of your hair.

Diet for hair grow

The best way to take care of your hair is to eat a healthy diet and take a multi-vitamin or even a hair grow vitamin if you like. Make sure to get all of the daily nutrients so allow your hair to grow long and flourish. Stop cutting and chopping your hair off when stressed out. Give only tiny trims with a sharp good hair cutting tool, and then let it grow for a few months at a time before trimming split ends again.

Gentle care for hair grow

Stay away from chemical products and hair extensions so your hair will grow longer. Instead of bleaching hair, try adding a temporary color wash that is less damaging.  Try clip in extensions rather than the type that are glued or women into your hair which contribute to breakage. 

Cease with the strenuous processing such as heat-drying and flattening or only do so once every few days if necessary.  Use a soft and gentle daily shampoo and a good strong moisturizing conditioner to get hair flaxen soft and stop breakage. Finger untangle hair rather than pulling and breaking hairs with a tough brush or comb. Try a detangler or frizz-stopping serum to soften the locks and allow for gentle detangling with no breakage.

Spell for hair grow

To get your hair jump started and growing out beautifully, repeat this simple spell while caressing your hair. Tie hair up into a gentle knot and before going to sleep and fluff a silk covered pillow that will feel soft on your hair. Chant this spell every evening for your hair growing wish to come true.  Your hair should see new growth over the next few months time.

Stretch it and trust it please make my hair grow
Let it grow like a river and let beautiful hair flow
Three times faster this hair will now grow
So that my inner beauty may glow
This is my will so mote it be,
A long-haired goddess I now foresee.

Hair grow spell

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