Grow hair longer spell


Growing longer hair has never been easier.  You too can have long soft tresses like a fair maiden.  The key is to cast the right hair grow spell while meanwhile assisting the process by taking excellent care of your hair. Below you will find the perfect spell to grow hair faster and longer.

Grow hair longer

Always focus on growing hair long, while taking excellent care of your hair to help the process. If you have been processing your hair with bleach, harsh color, or straightening chemicals try to give your hair a break. Get a tiny trim to clean up your ends and let your hair rest from harsh processing. Focusing on eating healthy and incorporating olive oil and general vitamins into your daily diet. If your hair is breaking make sure to deep condition weekly. Also, avoid brushing or combing if this is contributing to breakage. Use a detangler or softening serum to soften up hair then finger separate the tangles out with minimal breakage. Sleep with your hair in a loose bun and allow hair to rest a few days between shampoos.

Try the spell below and follow this routine for six months straight. Your hair should grow past your shoulders and come in healthier than ever before. To become a true goddess you have to take care of your health and body. Meanwhile enact your own desires with the help of spells to make your dreams and wishes stronger and more powerful. Long flowing hair is beautiful and if this is your desire then you should become the goddess you visualize. Focus on positive energy and uplifting spells and take care of your health to allow your inner goddess to shine through.

Grow hair longer spell

  • fresh rain water
  • crystal bowl
  • sunlight
  • blooming flower

For this spell to be effective you need a bout of rain followed by a sunny breakthrough in the sky. On this rainy day you must set out a crystal bowl and capture fresh falling rainwater. Now cut a lock of your hair or the persons hair you wish to make grow. Also cut a flower that has yet to bloom. Place stem of flower into the crystal bowl along with the hair clipping. Set the crystal bowl out either in an outside area that the sun hits or in a sun window. Now you are going to chant this spell three times daily until direct sunlight hits the crystal bowl and the flower blooms. Once the flower blooms empty the bowl with hair and petals back onto the plant the flower came from to water it and make it grow. The plant, along with your hair, will grow just beautifully.

Bless the water from the rain
Bless the sky from which it came
Take this innocent lock of hair so fair
And grow it into true maiden hair
Long and flowing like a natural river
Let this hair grow quicker, quicker
So mote it be.

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