Gothic couture and colorful tattoo for a witchcraft meets snow white look

A true goddess will take her own sense of style and beauty and embrace it.  She won’t have any hesitation or modesty about letting it shine through.  This sexy woman certainly brings it on.

I would caution women to think very hard before entertaining ideas of tattoos. The purity and beauty of pristine skin should not be underestimated. Unlike body paint, tattoos are permanent and as you age not matter how good the tattoo ink is now, the images will fade and look tired. That being said, if you’ve already taken the plunge and inked yourself, you can integrate your tattoo artistry in to your image. Body art and tattoos can be incredibly sexy on a beautiful woman.

Don’t over ink yourself as it can look too busy.  You’ll want large expanses of virgin white skin to contrast with any tattoo.  Also, make sure to have only the best artistry work done and research any tattoo ideas carefully.  A witch should think long and hard about a tattoo design as this is not something to be executed on a whim.  Tattoo artwork can be an deep outer expression of your personality and there is nothing wrong with that.  It can look exotic and its different and not everyone has the guts to take it on.

This girl rocks the goddess witch look in her outfit. She has dazzling colorful tattoos on her arms and combines that body art with sexy nails and Gothic fashion. Her sexy hair and makeup is the ultimate witch meets snow white look. The witch nails look fitting on her. Notice the classic red color with the pointy ends. Love her outfit with the peekaboo lace shoulders and corset tight waist. She has body piercings, tattoos and an eclectic style that she flaunts. This is a goddess who embraces her own unique beauty from facial piercings to tattoo to accessories and style. You look at her and wonder what spell is on her mind?  Don’t you wish you could read her mind.  Hot goddess, great picture!

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