Good things happen when you distance yourself from negative people

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An inspirational quote for the Wiccan goddess recommends that you should distance yourself from the negative people in your life. Every single time you subtract a negative energy from your life you make room for a positive energy. Negative people are like black holes that just literally suck the life out of you. If you can eliminate negative people from your life you will find it easier to attract men and love into your life. Happiness is infectious and as powerful as any spell you can cast.

Good things happen when you distance yourself from negative people

Some people who act nice to you, are in reality energy vampires. For example, if you are infatuated with a sexy hot man, you might think you need him and a relationship with him to live and be happy. But if he makes you feel demeaned, attacked or inadequate because he pursues other women or cheats on you, he can wind up being an emotional vampire. You think he is the one you need to live, when in reality he makes you feel unsafe or poorly treated.  This is an example how negative people may be in your midst and you may not realize the drain and emotional toll they are exacting on your life.

If your lover or best friend is a drama queen, user, or philanderer you may need to protect yourself from their negative energy. If a person is negative or critical of you, then your goal should be to smile and stay detached from them. Your goal should be to not let them get a rise or reaction from you.  If this person is a family member that you need to maintain a relationship with just stay on your best behavior when they are near.  If you don’t take their bait then they won’t be able to feed on you.  Avoid hostile interactions and arguments and remain as pleasant and upbeat as possible.  This goes for intimate relationships too. Don’t let your boyfriend or ex-husband get you down. If you are happy and stay that way you will be forever attractive.  Love will find you again because of your positive energy.

Being around a person who is constantly complaining or negative can be hard too. This might be a friend, neighbor or co-worker.  If a person is making you feel drained after dealing with them then they are a negative energy to you.  One trick is to encourage the negative person to tell you positive things. Maybe they don’t realize what a downer they are. If things don’t improve you may have to take a break from that relationship because it is not headed anywhere healthy.  You can still be kind and cordial while maintaining more distance to protect your energy and spirit.

Become a goddess

To get rid of negative energy you can use visualization. Think of yourself being protected by a shield so that all negative comments just glide away and do not stick to your psyche.  Visualize yourself has beautiful, healthy, and happy.  Employ positive thinking.  If people are negative, make a mental note to dispel that negative energy. Take time every day to exercise or meditate. Take a short walk or enjoy the company of a beloved pet. Make time for yourself to reinvigorate whether it be exercising, a soothing bathe, or enjoying time outdoors.  The happier you are the more helpful you are to others and the more attractive your aura.

Think of the negative people you are dealing with as the incentive to change your own situation. If it weren’t for them you wouldn’t seek out that job change or move to get away from them. The universe can use the negative people to help you see the light and remove yourself from a negative situation.  It may be hard at first and even lonely but if you distance yourself from negative people and work on being truly happy and appreciative then new friends and love will find you soon.  People will be naturally attracted to you.

Learn to control your buttons being pressed

Negative people can get a rise out of you because they know how to abuse you and press your buttons just right.  This is particularly true of close family members or lovers who know just what your insecurities and weaknesses are.  If you learn what your own emotional buttons are and can control flying off the handle, these people can have way less influence over your life and your happiness.  It is a matter of mind control to not let yourself get sucked into negativity with them.  Rise above it. 

You might have a perfectly nice loving mother who drives you crazy with her criticism. It could be just her age yet if you let these things press your button you will get upset with her.  Elderly relatives can upset you easily because they are mentally aging and become more hostile, defensive and paranoid when they get older and possibly senile.  Ex-husbands or lovers are also ones who can drive you crazy into depression.  Act professionally and minimize contact so as to distance yourself from negative energy and harm.

Take a break from energy sucking vampires

Give yourself enough space from the energy vampires. One good trick is to be more aware when you are getting sucked in with a negative relationship. This could be a lover, partner, family member or friend. If you remove yourself a bit and stop trying to solve all of their problems you will feel so much freer.   With some negative people you just need to them go out of your life for a while. Taking a break can actually benefit the relationship.

If you improve your own positive energy this will rub off onto other people and everyone around you will be lifted happier too. One way to get positive energy is to make time for yourself.  If you address everyone else’s needs your own health and karma will go down. This can happen when you are a single or stay at home parent and lose sight of yourself, or when you are a workaholic.  Believe it or not, if you take time out for yourself, you can actually be more productive to the people around you. That means make time for yourself to do things that you enjoy. Set aside you time and stick to your “you” time no matter what. It is not selfish, it’s your sanity.

Distance yourself from negative people

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    That is a very good article, i really got some good input. Make’s alot of sense and is also very informative. For the last 2 years i have been in what i like to call a rollercoaster relationship, nothing but up’s and down’s.

    I have finally had enough, i’ve never met a person with so much stress and negativity in their lives. Always worried about court and the worst possible out come such negative energy has really taken a toll on me, but the worse thing is that this person actually did it intentionally alot of the time. Very bad to think that some people are so unhappy in their own lives they want to take it out on someone else. I feel free and ready to move on to better things, i look forward to meeting somone with the same idealogies..

    Either way very helpful article so glad to read such positivity.


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