A goddess is a female deity.  A deity is a supernatural immortal being who is believed to be holy, divine and sacred. She is respected and highly regarded as a god by the believers in her. Goddesses are associated with many different aspects of life. In some cultures goddesses are linked to love, the Earth, motherhood and the home. In others, goddesses rule over everything from healing to death, destruction and war.


Hinduism is the main religion in which goddesses known as a sacred feminine occupies a major place in the religions prayer and worship. The different Hindu denominations that worship goddesses are Shaktism, Vishnu and Shiva.

Many followers of Neopaganism, particular Wicca, believe in a single goddess and single god. Their famed Wiccan Goddess is a diety of prime importance and she has a consort called the Horned God. Most witches believe that the Wiccan goddess is the queen of heaven and she is held to be the summation of all of the other goddesses that exist. These other goddesses represent her different names and aspects in all of the different cultures there are. Some wiccans believe that there is not one but many goddesses and they worship all of them as separate entities.

If you read about goddesses you will see great differences in their descriptions from one society or religion to the next. The most familiar goddesses are the ones from Greek mythology. While goddess is used to describe a deity, it can also be used to describe a mortal woman. Such a description is a true compliment and usually implies a unique woman who is both a sexually beautiful ideal to men as well as an emotional creature that is compassionate and courageous.

Goddess Principles

When referring to a woman who is a goddess, it is usually meant that this woman has both inner and outer beauty. Here are some of the characteristics that are considered goddess like.

A goddess will not be controlled by other people’s belief and ideas. She believes in her self and trusts herself. She is unique and she does not try to be like anyone else. She expresses her inner beauty and is a creative person who loves who she is. A goddess always listens to her inner voice and she practices patience and understanding. Though people will come and go in her life she has a strong sense of stability, self and who she is. She believes in her dreams and does not allow past experiences or relationships to sabotage them.

A goddess will never run from her issues or let her pride stop her from resolving problems with loved ones. She knows how to communicate. She is understanding and forgiving and knows that human beings are not perfect. She revels in her emotions and is passionate and excited about her life. She approves of herself and does not let someone else’s rejection of her put her in fear because she holds a strong foundation of inner confidence.

A goddess will discover her outer beauty. She will use it to enhance her self love and accentuate her feminine beauty. She is not afraid to be emotionally, physically and sexually attractive to men. She does not live for her outer beauty yet she also does not shun her outer beauty. She embraces and celebrates it. On Wiccan Beauty we will introduce you to some of the most famous fabled, mythical and religious goddesses of all time. Learning about all of the historical goddesses and their traditions can empower you to explore and enhance your own feminine spirituality.

Exploration of your feminine essence can help you attract love into your life and a man who will cherish and honor you. If you are happy with your own feminine essence your authentic self will enable relationships to unfold more naturally, effortlessly and gracefully. Finding that inner goddess in you is the key to dating and romance as well. If you are comfortable with yourself and able to celebrate and enhance both your inner and natural outer beauty you will naturally draw people in towards you and create a strong power of attraction.

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