Goddess Hera

Hera is known as one of the most beautiful Greek goddesses. She was the queen of all the Greek gods and the wife of the king, Zeus. She was the Greek goddess of marriage and childbirth. Zeus was known as a serious philanderer and so goddess Hera was often angry, jealous, and quarrelsome with Zeus.

Greek Goddess Hera

One example of Hera’s jealousy was in how she literally persecuted Hercules. Hercules was Zeus’s son and Hera took care of Hercules when he was a baby. The problem was that while Hercules was Zeus’s son, she was not his real mother. Hercules’s real mother was Alcmene, another woman that Zeus seduced. Hera was so jealous of Alcmene that she even sent snakes to kill him when he was a newborn. In roman mythology, the goddess Hera is also known as Juno.

Hera spend most of her time hounding Zeus’s mistresses all over the earth as she was so possessive and jealous of her husbands cheating ways. Her strength was that she defending the sanctity of marriage and monogamy but her weakness was that she was insanely envious of Zeus who seduced other women and cheated on her with various nymphs and mistresses repeatedly. She spent most of her time trying to drive away Zeus’s women.

To her credit, Hera was the queen and his wife, and was beautiful beyond belief. She kept Zeus occupied for hundreds of years. When she got fed up with his cheating she would wander off hoping that Zeus would come after her and miss her but he never did. Eventually, she would relent and return to Zeus’s side on her own. Hera was said to one of the most beautiful goddesses of all, even beating out Aphrodite.  The photo of goddess Hera is by digital artist Soa Lee.

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