Get glowing with ethereal skin and hair using these flawless beauty tips

A Wiccan goddess creates beauty within herself that shines through.   If you want to highlight your delicate and refined beauty then follow these simple tried and true beauty tips.   Your focus should be to make your skin and hair healthy. Enhancing your eyes by virtue of proper eyebrow grooming will give your face it that heavenly celestial appearance.

Protect your skin

Become the epitome of beauty by taking proper care of your skin.  Way more important than expensive moisturizers or wrinkle creams is the use of sun screen.  Keep your skin shielded from the harmful rays of the sun.  Use a sunscreen protect with high SPF and wear a hat and sun glasses if you are going to be directly in the sun during the peak hours of the day. 

The sun is quite simply most damaging natural element for your skin.  While Wiccans may shun makeup and chemically based beauty products when it comes to the sun the chemicals of protection should be considered healthy ones.  If you wear sunscreen regularly your skin will maintain a flawless light color.  If you must tan yourself try the slow building tanning lotions such as Oil of Olay, or the spray on tan.  Sally Hansen spray on tan is a good one available at the drugstore.  Personally, I believe fair skin is beautiful and you don’t really need to apply synthetic color.

Keep your hair natural

Bleaching and dyeing of the hair can damage it and cause breakage.  For the ultimate ethereal hair stay away from harsh stripping colors and chemicals.  Covering gray for a more youthful look is harmless as long as you use gentle color products like temporary dies or hennas.  If you are going to apply permanent color that is fine too yet just stick to colors that are closer to your natural hair.  That way you are merely applying pigment rather than stripping the color out with harsher chemicals.

If you must damage your hair with harsh chemicals get a few choice highlights rather than all over color.  The less you bleach your hair the better.  For goddess looks having pale skin and natural hair color will be best.  Having a contrast between your hair and your skin will create a more goddess look.  Think of it as a picture.  You don’t want the picture all washed out.  Contrasting colors make the picture glow.  Likewise, having pale refined skin coupled with lush and deeply vibrant colored healthy hair will maximize your goddess appeal.

Try a mineral glow makeup

Do you shun makeup?  Certain makeups are natural looking and they not only protect your skin but add to your natural beauty.  If you want to make your skin radiant try a 100% natural mineral powder makeup to give it that healthy sun-kissed appearance.  You’ll want a light natural effect.  The light as air minerals in a natural mineral makeup will impart a natural incandescence to your skin.  A nude color that matches your natural skin color will reduce the appearance of imperfections and awaken your raw natural beauty.

Try Physicians formula powder pallette, PurMinerals mineral glow, or L’Oreal all bare natural mineral nude.  These brands are inexpensive and range from six to eleven dollars.  Other mineral makeups to try if you have more money to spend include the infomercial ones such as Bare Minerals.  These makeups will boost your natural glow with all natural ingredients.  Remember to use a close match to your own skin color for the most natural effect. 

You can find mineral makeup with anti-oxidents and many of the formulas are free of oil, alcohol, talc, fillers, fragrance and parabens.  To apply mineral makeup invest in a more expensive brush from a high end retailer such as MAC or Sephora.  A good brush to apply mineral makeup is a worth while investment.  The brushes that come with the makeup are never as good or as gentle as the professional grade brushes.  They don’t last as long or blend the makeup into the skin as well.

Shape your brows

Learning how to properly shape and pencil in your eyebrows is the single most important makeup trick for a goddess.  If you are a witch that shuns makeup then please, please, consider only this one makeup trick.  The ability to shape your brows can create an astonishing effect on your face.  This is more important than any beauty spell you could think of.

The first thing to do is to make a file folder on your computer or hard copy and collect some different photographs of eyebrows.  You can clip them from magazines or photographs such as those online or on makeup sites.  Create a collection of eyebrows that you think are the most glamorous.

Once you have your collection you know what to do.  Learn how to create this look on yourself.  First of all, never over tweeze your brows to the point of them being too sparse.  This will wash out your eyes and make your face look dragged down.  Likewise you aren’t going to want brows that look too harsh on your skin.

Always, always groom your eyebrows properly as this will make you more naturally beautiful.  Eyebrows are the most over looked beauty element of the face.  Having a cleaned up polished look is going to bring our your goddess and give you that illusion of air brushed perfection.  Get a very good tweezers and pluck out hairs that are forming a uni-brow or coming down too close to your eye.  You want a slight arch and some clean space free of hair between your eye and your eye brow. 

Buying some eyebrow stencils just to see how professionals shape brows can help.  Or, get your brows shaped in the salon a few times to get the basic look you want then maintain it at home.  Along with the tweezer get a small high quality pair of eyebrow scissors.  You can cut and trim hairs that are getting too long and crazy.

As part of your regular beauty routine you should groom the brows and clean them up.  If you don’t have one, shop for an expensive eyebrow pencil.  Get a makeup specialist to help you choose a color that matches the color of your natural brows or is a hint darker.

Some women don’t like using a pencil as it looks too obviously like makeup. If a pencil looks like too obvious makeup then you can do an alternative by buying a natural shadow that matches your eyebrow color. Use a very sharp pointed makeup brush with which to apply the shadow to the eyebrows. Using shadow and a fine brush rather than a pencil is a good idea for women that want a softer look.  For the goddess more into glamour, go for the pencil.

What you are going to want to do is to pencil or shadow in your brows a bit to create a better defined shape.  Try to get a high quality pencil and sharpener or shadow with a fine tipped brush.  I like the brands such as Lancome and Dior for this.  Quality does matter and a good pencil or shadow should last as long as a year so its worth spending the money. Look at stencils to understand where to start at the inner brow and where to end at the outer brow.

Bring out your inner goddess

As an example of these flawless beauty tips, see the photograph shown.  An ethereal goddess she is with lush colored hair, pale natural skin, and a well shaped eyebrow with a nice arch.  To get her skin try the mineral makeup to cover imperfections.  Finish with a touch of mascara and lip gloss and you will look like a radiant goddess from heaven.

Finally eat a healthy diet filled with good nutrition and drink plenty of fluids.  If you protect your skin, treat your hair gently, use an all natural mineral powder and shape your brows you’ll enhance your beauty two or three times over.  No magic spell needed.

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