Free magic spell to banish evil

The best way to banish evil is actually to do a spiritual spell or a peaceful spell because positive thinking trumps the negative always.  That being said, there are a few classic spells that a Wiccan can do to simply clear evil out of the area. These spells are quite easy involving a candle and chant.

Banish evil spell ingredients

  • a beautiful candle
  • sea salt or purified water

To banish evil daemons and evil spirits and energy from your home or immediate environment you will need one beautiful candle, preferably white. And, you will need sea salt or purified water. To cast the spell light the candle and sprinkle the purified water or sea salt in a concentric circle around the candle but not touching it. To cast the spell you simply light the pure candle and then ask the evil to leave as the candle burns.

Banish evil

Evil be you gone
Evil be you no more
Evil be you not welcome here
Evil be you no longer
Evil leave
Evil gone
I banish you Evil
so mote it be.

This simple spell should be chanted three times to do a first elimination of evil.  Then, make it a point to let your home be a safe sanctuary where you forget about your worries in life and free your mind of negativity.  If you feel evil returning into the space you can repeat the spell.  To create a permanently peaceful room try to choose a smaller tranquil space such as a bedroom.

Clear the room or garden of all negative elements that are reminders of the evil and decorate in a peaceful feng shui manner. When you utilize the room or garden, make it a point to clear negative thoughts and images from your mind prior to entering. Repeat the evil be gone banishing spell with a candle as need be.

Magic spell to banish evil

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